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  • Aubrey Clark 6 years ago

    is A Zombie horse type 5 or 3? If it is neither, plz tell me what number.

  • Marko Begovic 6 years ago

    Hey, know what?
    Curse u dont!
    thx a lot u helped me so much

  • Toby Miller 6 years ago

    Thanks…helped a lot :D

  • Mrwiseguy101690 6 years ago

    Lol. Best intro ever :D

  • DeprivedVideos 6 years ago

    Dragnoz help I tried to summon the headless horseman but the
    skeleton’s armor and weapon didn’t appear heres the command: /summon
    Skeleton ~ ~1 ~
    Horseman”,Riding:{id:”EntityHorse”,Type:4,Tame:1}} end of command, also
    how do I make it so the horse has a saddle and that the leather armor is
    black thank you. Like so he can see please!

  • David Tennant Fan 6 years ago

    Timey Wimey :D

  • Rage_Quit 6 years ago

    Awesome! It’s soooo easy too!

  • JeroenGamingNL 6 years ago

    I used this tutorial to make a zombie with a black leather cap riding a
    zombie horse who is riding a invisble baby zombie :D

  • BriXmanGameNerd 6 years ago

    Hey, man, ur awesome. You just got another subscriber! ;)

  • Crazydude99 6 years ago

    some of them dont fit in the text area with all of the brackets

  • Mrkva TV 6 years ago

    Dont Work on server bukkit

  • Thomas Riddler 6 years ago

    summon Giant ~ ~20 ~ {Riding:{id:”EnderDragon”}}

    Just sayin’

  • sky lama 6 years ago


  • grobertsonian 6 years ago


  • Stinky Quesadill 6 years ago

    Thx it really worked

  • luigi plays 6 years ago

    i tryd mix this commands /summon Skeleton ~ ~1 ~
    AND {Riding:{id:”EntityHorse”,Type:4,Tame:1}­} plz help me

  • Lewis Libby Watt 6 years ago

    you can also summon villagers riding horses lol

  • KingPenguin600 6 years ago

    When I tried to spawn skeleton horse, I typed everything correctly but it
    says not a valid tag

  • Miguel Casihan 6 years ago

    dragnoz help the skeletone hores doesent work

  • Kirito Kirigaya 6 years ago

    why it is not work

  • Aybars Heptaşkın 6 years ago

    but its not worked

  • Kim Yeo 6 years ago

    How do you put a button on a command block???

  • Josh Foster 6 years ago

    Try pasting this into a command block: ===/summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~
    {Equipment:[{id:388},{},{},{},{id:121}], CustomName:”Keith”, IsBaby:1,
    CustomNameVisible:1, Riding:{id:”LavaSlime”,CustomName:”Something”,
    Riding:{id:”LavaSlime”,Riding:{id:”EntityHorse”, Type:5, Tame:1,
    Riding:{id:”Villager”, Profession:6, Riding:{id:”Enderman”,
    Riding:{id:”Silverfish”, CustomName:”Hiss”, CustomNameVisible:1,
    Riding:{id:”Silverfish”, Riding:{id:”Silverfish”, Riding:{id:”Silverfish”,
    Riding:{id:”MushroomCow”, Riding:{id:”VillagerGolem”, CustomName:”I’m
    almost at the Bottom, yay!”, CustomNameVisible:1, Riding:{id:”Villager”,
    CustomName:”I’m almost at the very bottom, double yay!!!”, Profession:3,
    Riding:{id:”Creeper”, Riding:{id:”Creeper”, Riding:{id:”Creeper”,
    Riding:{id:”Creeper”, Riding:{id:”Creeper”}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}=== it’s
    absolutely pointless but hilarious!

  • steve barker 6 years ago

    how spawn a super fast horse?

  • partick92 6 years ago

    Dragnoz I play minecraft 1.7.4 but I can’t spawn a skeleton horse do you
    know why?