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  • TheMinecraftPowerz 6 years ago

    Wow, potion 16383 and 16384 give a mudane splash potion and a STINKY
    potion? XD

  • CommanderVideo Vortex 6 years ago

    when I try making a custom potion it dose only one

  • ProjectScrafT 6 years ago

    The second Sethbling?

  • Melanie Shifflett 6 years ago

    I am hopeily getting Minecraft for Christmas ☺

  • Anthony Robion 6 years ago

    Hi ! Please can you do a tutorial on a mob’s summon which has a custom
    potion in its hand ? thanks

    Sorry for the bad english :/

  • Lucas Claudett 6 years ago

    give @p 373 1 16394 {display:{Name:”Mud

    Can someone tell me what I did wrong? It isn’t working! (>_<)

  • Kzorien 6 years ago

    /give @p 373 1 16385 {display: {Name:”Mysterious Liquid”}} Does not seem to
    want to work

  • 명섭 김 6 years ago

    A health boost with amplifier 147 will kill any mob (even players in
    creative mode) instantly.

  • TheNiubOfTheGame 6 years ago

    Dragnoz you’re a pro! OMG if it’s Really!

  • Danny Bulick 6 years ago


  • Jere Lähteenmäki 6 years ago

    I dont know how to download and run that map ;(

  • E tsim 6 years ago

    I typed
    /give @p 373 1 16385
    It give me
    Health Boost (8:20)
    when applied:
    -508 max health
    I used it, then i use a normal healing potion and it kills me instantly in

  • theCrafterman 6 years ago

    Thx! :)

  • SkullFort 6 years ago

    Awesome I finally made the wither affect potion!

  • 명섭 김 6 years ago

    Hey type /give @p 373 8204 with displayname “Potion of death”
    with custom potion effect with potion Id with health,
    amplifier 147

  • TheUltimateAnimation 6 years ago

    I cant use this. It worked the first time but now it is useless…

  • Jason Tam 6 years ago

    This works! THANKS!

  • Pat heaps 6 years ago

    Using this, i made a potion that gives me +505% max health XD

  • Moffitt230 6 years ago

    How can you summon the ThrownPotion entity with effects?

  • TrollCity 6 years ago

    /give @p 373 1 16451
    ],display:{Name:”God Potion”}}

  • Jim Carr 6 years ago

    the effect id of 21 is now in 1.7 health boost

  • Jacob Hartt 6 years ago

    how do you make the duration last forever?

  • gomalley411 6 years ago

    Dragnoz what am I doing wrong? Here’s the command I typed, letter for

    /give (my username) 373 1 16397 {display:{Name:”Potion of


  • bobbymonboy 6 years ago

    I was able to use /summon to spawn in a ThrownPotion entity, but it only
    lasts for 1 tick. What do i do to fix this?

  • ngoc nguyen 6 years ago

    How do you hatch the ender dragon egg in 1.7.2?