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  • richyshaddow0 6 years ago

    You don’t know shit about this game do you? It’s a jungle tree, they’re 4
    wood blocks thick, so you have to put 4 JUNGLE saplings together.

  • DUBSTEP! 6 years ago

    “Says Kimberly”

  • MegaAmericanGamers 6 years ago

    (This is not a hate comment, i am trying to improve your build) Your jungle
    tree house has a very nice survival interior as well as a beautiful
    exterior. The only thing i found wrong with this build is the size. I have
    seen your other builds and in fact I am one of your subs now since you have
    such great buildings. If you would like a good jungle tree house that has
    the ability to keep a survival player alive as well as keep the survival
    player satisfied, you must have multiple levels. I like your
    basement-especially the spruce wood on jungle wood idea-but the size is
    killing me. If you want maybe we can play on the same survival world, i
    have a mic so that’s a plus.Gamertag just jeff 69 (not my gamertag choice)

  • nessreen avon 6 years ago

    Love it

  • Wyatt Highfield 6 years ago

    I like it

  • Dylan Romero 6 years ago

    thank u i built it a little differant and added more detail

  • Sebastyan Tharpe 6 years ago

    7 years bad luck

  • Alyssa Duff 6 years ago

    What is ur xbox live gamertag

  • brian anspach 6 years ago

    you hav to keep the jungle saplings away from grass and flowers 

  • Callum O'Prey 6 years ago

    To place the jungle tree sapling down it needs more space to much tall
    grass or flowers will not make it grow 

  • Taylor Copland 6 years ago

    Nice tree house and liked the cat

  • Max Kessler 6 years ago

    that was an awesome video.can u make a jungle modern treehouse.

  • Heather Sutton 6 years ago

    Love your mountain house

  • moremobilegames 6 years ago

    Ashley gray who cares that your fucking last name is gray

  • Ashley Gray 6 years ago

    Gray is my last name

  • Joel Overesch 6 years ago


  • Tia A. 6 years ago

    I made jungle leaves for the windo

  • katie decol 6 years ago

    Silly! Trees do grow, but the cant have grass on the sides! LOL

  • christopher goodale 6 years ago

    friend me on xbox my gamertag is nachosnake3

  • LaRonda Brown 6 years ago

    U made this on my birthday

  • Epic_midget360 6 years ago

    What’s the seed

  • Kimberly McCombs 6 years ago

    Frickin stupid you cant put 4 sapplings together

  • Morgan Roberts 6 years ago

    such a cool treehouse love to bits . btw the cat is tots cute!!

  • marissa lee 6 years ago


  • Nikolas M 6 years ago

    Wow way to totally not rip off kyr speedy’s intro. Great originality bro…