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  • JT Smith 6 years ago

    thats impossible u cant place redstone on glowstone or glass a DERP

  • Kaiden Worrell 6 years ago

    Dnt work idiot

  • Cole Woods 6 years ago

    Great tutorial 

  • walle games 6 years ago

    if i use a button instead of a leaver will it automatically close

  • jamarion knowles 6 years ago

    u suck it dont work 

  • Tyler Ellis 6 years ago

    Great tutorial ^_^

  • Eirik Skavdal 6 years ago

    the block in the middle wont go back after closing the door, it just stands
    in the air over the piston below it
    please answer! 

  • Damours Antoine 6 years ago


  • dan crivat 6 years ago

    Is there any way l can move the lever at back and stay at front as well

  • Grayson Tripp 6 years ago

    my redstone idol is etho

  • Conor B 6 years ago

    i cant place redstone on the glowstone because i have minecraft on disc
    and no xbox live so i cant update :(

  • dan crivat 6 years ago

    I want to do build with this creeper face door

  • dan crivat 6 years ago

    Is there a way that l can move the lever

  • Logicraft Redstone 6 years ago

    Wow this video’s done well – creator here! 😀 Thanks for the feedback guys
    + for more crazy redstone, come over to our channel 😛

  • Jacob Osborne 6 years ago

    Awesome,that helped me so much thx very much

  • Fabulous Dubstep 6 years ago

    Stellar video, as always.

  • Dominic James 6 years ago


  • Castle Crafters 6 years ago

    put a repeater in front of it and run redstone from that

  • steelerd75 6 years ago

    If u don’t mine I ask how would I put leaver in the back..

  • steelerd75 6 years ago

    Thank you….

  • steelerd75 6 years ago

    Is there a way to move leaver to a different spot so I can us this door in
    a build.I’ve tried moving it can’t figure it out

  • DJ Marham 6 years ago

    Was this made on XBOX Or PC

  • Castle Crafters 6 years ago


  • LetsEatHotdogs 6 years ago

    The castle crafters did a simple tutorial on something awesome keep it up

  • Castle Crafters 6 years ago

    Then everyone should just stop doing tuts on Redstone then, they have been
    all done before unless you want to invent new ones every week? and this is
    first on xbox just saying.