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  • Brooklyn Dean 7 years ago

    Oh? and Paul I don’t mean the tower of power fire I mean the little fire.

  • Brooklyn Dean 7 years ago

    Hey Paul
    why was there a? fire in the distance when you were making the cozy cabin?

  • shilogh123 7 years ago

    Paul you should add a fire place to add a cozy effect to? the house

  • wesley bonds 7 years ago

    you can make a fire escape to the roof, were you put the ladder put a trap door !!!! ?

  • LPSfreak10002 7 years ago

    I hate Enderman!!?

  • Tuomo K 7 years ago

    I think? in real life it happens rarely.

  • Tuomo K 7 years ago

    It’s his super human hearing. He always turns around and kills someone, explaining he heard foot steps.?

  • Tuomo K 7 years ago

    There will be snow on top? of the roof window 😮

  • Tuomo K 7 years ago
  • Tuomo K 7 years ago

    Roofs I’d? say..

  • Alexander Feltner Harrison 7 years ago

    Paul! This is where you can put the other enderchest! You may also want to set up a minerail system from here to the “urban? area” Love you vids btw

  • franc8493 7 years ago


  • TheElitepuffle 7 years ago

    that cabin is so? awesome!

  • blake squires 7 years ago

    nice? house

  • Bhchucky1002 7 years ago

    Have you thought about a fire place with cobblestone and wood in the? center so it wouldn’t spread?

  • kateland patrick 7 years ago

    I’ve seen you try the Hunger Games and I think you won? But.. You should have? posted a video about it. If you did give me the link.

  • Brent Rightler 7 years ago

    It does not rain in? the tundra,it snows

  • robloxguy90 7 years ago


  • James Hartwell 7 years ago

    anyone else see the? creeper?

  • Moses Ortiz 7 years ago

    My picture is a creeper.? :)

  • rortendaprojekts 7 years ago

    Thunder in the winter?? Really?

  • rortendaprojekts 7 years ago

    The? creepers are afraid of him :-)

  • XXMW3EPICXX 7 years ago

    i have a dog named? bella too and she is freakin out when it thunders

  • Sqwigit2413 7 years ago


  • Sqwigit2413 7 years ago

    That is the awesomest house I? could actually build thanx