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  • MeAndMe52 6 years ago

    This is brilliant!You earnt a sub

  • TheMrMonkey08 6 years ago

    I like it :D, and your voice is very relaxing xD

  • ultimateredstone 6 years ago

    “Poor filmmaking”. right, let’s just disregard people new to minecraft or
    any other people wanting a tutorial for any reason. As Reedim said, you
    don’t have to watch the tutorial…

  • Stonehawk 6 years ago

    Oh my god. This is BRILLIANT! Holy crap! Thank you! I’m gonna make one of
    these 😀

  • Kieren Boal 6 years ago

    I saw your videos ages ago, but forgot to subscribe! Thanks to xisuma I saw
    your video and now I’m able to subscribe 😀 +1 sub

  • jynx2501 6 years ago

    What happened in this video? I fell asleep

  • Prana Adiwira 6 years ago

    Hope it works on 1.7

  • liquidminds 6 years ago

    even tough I agree, if he doesn’t explain it like he was talking to
    mentally challenged people, the chat would be filled with “make a tutorial,
    make a tutorial”

  • brandino189 6 years ago

    This is really Awesome 😀

  • Prana Adiwira 6 years ago

    Hi :3

  • Reedim 6 years ago

    This device, as its name suggests isn’t designed to fish while you are AFK.
    It’s made to aid you when to pull your fishing hook back. :) I might end up
    making something like an “addon” for this device which lets you fish while
    you are AFK, but that’s for later. 😉

  • HerobrineFriend 6 years ago

    Wouldn’t this eat all of the durability in survival? :(

  • CyanSheepMedia 6 years ago


  • monkeybee11 6 years ago

    used this in 13w37B and it stoped working after afking for a bit S: the
    fish was grabing the lure and opening the door and the fishing rod was
    taking dura but it didt give an item this was afking for like 1-1.1/2 hrs

  • monkeybee11 6 years ago

    ya its ok this works grate for afking as is :) it takes a few cast for the
    rod to stay cast but it dose work in afk mode using the f11 trick me just
    miss couted the stuff me colected 😀

  • Reedim 6 years ago

    I can completely understand you point. I was hesitating about making a
    tutorial to be honest, but I ended up deciding making one, because if I
    didn’t make one, then probably every third comment would be “plz make
    tutorial” :) And you can always leave a video when you have gathered the
    necessary information you needed. :)

  • xisumavoid 6 years ago

    Such a simple design! This means we can farm name tags and saddles! 😮

  • Dylan Boom 6 years ago

    Screw him, I liked it. Thanks for the video!

  • ChunksMan CS 6 years ago

    Are you serious? Griping about how someone presents something after
    providing the idea? Not to mention there are actually newbies out there
    that don’t even know the recipe for a door, that it would stop water (like
    signs and window panes you don’t normally think of when you’re new), or
    have any idea to setup a trip wire. New people like to create working
    objects as well. I know I did, and the only way I could learn was from
    tutorials just like this. Thumbs up for the idea and the vid on my end.

  • monkeybee11 6 years ago

    a fishing rod will only lose dura when a fish “bites” the bate or if the
    lure hits a mob/block im not sure about using it to brake blocks tho but
    when the lure is allready cast and u spam the mouce buttion on any door it
    wont brake at all :) the iron door is just bc u cant open it by clicking on
    the door it self

  • PossiblyTheBestGamer 6 years ago

    Uba cool

  • Eric de Vries 6 years ago

    The fishing rod would break though

  • ultimateredstone 6 years ago

    Very nice!!! 😀

  • Reedim 6 years ago

    Ehmergewd!! 😀

  • MrSchluffi 6 years ago

    I like your mystical voice. 😀