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  • also first

  • myles willi 5 years ago

    Hi tsmc

  • TheLlamaDood - Gaming 5 years ago

    Can you make a pug please?

  • Andreasn333 5 years ago

    hey tsmc

  • Chatawee Chen 5 years ago

    +TSMC please make a video about how to build a annoying orange please I’m a
    big fan! :3

  • SonicMario195 5 years ago

    Hey TSMC! Can u please do a Ronald McDonald tutorial? If u did it already,
    post a link

  • Evelyn Reyes 5 years ago

    U should make the thinknoodles skin plz

  • TJ | Nekonyan99 5 years ago

    …I don’t feel safe.

  • Luis Romero 5 years ago

    TSMC can you build a wither boss??

  • Jesus Aragones 5 years ago

    Do a pacman bro,You can!

  • Gaming4Life 5 years ago

    I like to build stuff in Minecraft to I have my own YouTube channel can u
    please subscribe to it I subscribe to you

  • rachael kerr 5 years ago

    Can u please do a Ronald McDonald tutorial 

  • 1factdaily 5 years ago

    A bit ugly lol

  • Scomister r 5 years ago

    …I’m scared…very scared…

  • Cameron Malveaux 5 years ago

    Please please build. VIckstar the minecraft one. Little LiZard and
    Supergirlygaming. I want to build it in my world please

  • Bing Fox 5 years ago

    i love your builds can you build the red panda skin from battle and beasts

  • Jack Overill 5 years ago

    Why were the wool blocks at the beginning smaller then normal

  • Alan Sacta 5 years ago

    My name is Jeff

  • jayla green 5 years ago

    Your videos are great,simple and AWESOME!!!!!!

  • liam mccarthy 5 years ago

    Yay 69th comment 

  • Lisa Bohannon 5 years ago

    Tsmc can you make a roller coaster

  • ElectricPoptartWaffle 5 years ago

    It looks like a Animatronic SpongeBob