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  • ToyCreeper Rodri 5 years ago


  • ToyCreeper Rodri 5 years ago

    Do google + logo 

  • Im Awesome 5 years ago

    You know who’s awesome? read the first word of this comment <3

  • Lpskittysparkle 23 5 years ago

    Cow statue next please

  • Dkid2112 5 years ago

    Can you do how to make Vikkstar123

  • Cooper PlaysMC 5 years ago

    Can you make a r2-d2

  • Sheep Plays Minecraft 5 years ago

    An Asian lady went into labor and her child came out black. The doctor
    asked her if she picked a name for the baby and she said, “Yea, Som Ting
    Wong!” (Something’s wrong) like if you get it!!!

  • Annie Mooney 5 years ago

    Can u make a zebra x?

  • Vivian Rivera 5 years ago

    hey tsmc may you make a wrestlemania logo

    Like These Coments For He Actually Those A Tutorial.

  • Gaming4Life 5 years ago

    Nice video I like it

  • Braydon Braydon 5 years ago

    Hey guys adde me on xbox plz

  • Gamer Knight 5 years ago

    You are awesome!

  • proninjafrye xter 5 years ago

    Make dr trayus for dan teamdm

  • Wilmer Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Make gaming with Jen statue

  • Hamdan Majid 5 years ago

    Hey man….
    1) where are u from?… Can u ever do like a face Cam?
    2) Please continue ur survival.. It’s gets boring waiting for the next to
    come out…
    3) Can u make a new Pokemon from Pokemon X/Y?

  • Annie Mooney 5 years ago

    Omg I love u so much!

  • Korina Karpova 5 years ago

    Make the ldshadowlady house in enchanted oasis

  • cole Cavanaugh 5 years ago

    TSMC can you please do a statue on Lion Maker and Emzy255 they are

  • Jesus Lopez 5 years ago

    Make the weather like if agree

  • Wee Jason Vandal 5 years ago

    When are you going to make your gun satue in to a vid

  • Edwin Tovar 5 years ago

    Can u build the new Dragon ball z characters or do a series for the new
    game called Dragon Ball zunivers

  • parkourkid 5 years ago

    Can you do a uncle grandpa and pizza Steve please.

  • OnlyEmmers 5 years ago

    Can you, make a panda statue?