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  • ToyCreeper Rodri 3 years ago

    Yus Thank you so much TSMC

  • Harsh Patel 3 years ago

    Creeper heads be like ohh he got the bell crows

  • cbreezy reyes 3 years ago

    first yay! like if you came second first or third

  • Sheep Plays Minecraft 3 years ago


  • Kyson Simons 3 years ago

    My creeper statue is beter 

  • jaspinder singh 3 years ago

    Make SSundee plz

  • The Surfing Pikachu 3 years ago

    That must’ve taken a lot of planning to do before doing the official video.

  • jaspinder singh 3 years ago

    Make loin maker plz


  • Gaming4Life 3 years ago

    Can u give me a shout-out on my channel please

  • Leo Appleby 3 years ago

    Bild the rest of the fnaf caricteras

  • Kashifplayz - Minecraft and more 3 years ago

    Ummm if u fell like doing this do it!Can you build a Mr.Woofless statue if
    you can and fell like making it can u because I can’t find any good guides
    on YouTube!Thanks YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!

  • Alex Loprinzi 3 years ago

    i made a sick world with a bunch of his tutorials and randoms joined my
    game and blew it up

  • paul bishop 3 years ago

    Make Finbarhawkes do the new skin

  • Brian Nguyen 3 years ago

    First XD

  • meesh -craft 3 years ago

    How you know . Thank you

  • Catherine Mcmullin 3 years ago

    Please friend me bomberjr567

  • killermartins 3 3 years ago

    When is the second creeper out 

  • SuperGuy 3 years ago

    another good tutorial man :D

  • JOSEPH CANLAS 3 years ago


  • jaspinder singh 3 years ago

    Make crainer plz

  • Stampy feline fine 3 years ago

    Plz make the enderdragon

  • Yaan Kaminski 3 years ago

    Build an enderdrogon

  • Joel Gibson 3 years ago

    Thank you TSMC

  • Jack Marsh 3 years ago

    Love it!