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  • TykenFan 6 years ago

    not a lot of students go to that high school xD not that many parking spots

  • Zack Caito 6 years ago

    Cool new intro to ur videos awesome

  • TecnoCraving 6 years ago

    Shifty, I love your vids, but you sound depressed all the time, but when
    you do the inspiration series, you’re all hyped up and shit, I want you to
    be hyped up. I know you got school though.

  • Balero32 6 years ago

    When they figure out how to add rebar to pervious concrete then they will
    be able to use it in larger scale applications.

  • rick beckers 6 years ago

    About the asfalt that is standard in the netherlands and we call it
    literally translated verry open asfalt

  • AbdidozMC 6 years ago

    11th comment!

  • AngusVidz 6 years ago

    69th like

  • Ashley Clarkson 6 years ago

    like it when you describe real life landscaping/design, intresting!

  • Paul Hartley 6 years ago

    My minecraft username is ITS_Mason plz accept builder app!!

  • Floris Laus van oel 6 years ago

    Shifty, what will you do with the server when 1.7 comes out?

  • McDarTBLaZe 6 years ago

    Hey shift

  • McDarTBLaZe 6 years ago

    Hey what PC do you use

  • Skubro2 6 years ago

    Can you show us this school?

  • 00evoulution00 6 years ago

    Thx shisty

  • wasabiworrior1 6 years ago

    showcase that school with keralis PLZ :D, love your vids keep ’em up 😀

  • SuperDerpyFilms 6 years ago

    “Despite it being dark when it’s night time” XD hahah

  • ImNotMexican 6 years ago


  • Anthony Cintron 6 years ago

    Great Job, Shifty.

  • Henrik Floa 6 years ago

    I want to be an arcitect

  • 00evoulution00 6 years ago


  • Dayton Berreth 6 years ago

    that school with the football field looks awesome good job on the parking
    lot shifty

  • Shannon Kilton 6 years ago

    this came out good

  • LeMooksish 6 years ago

    Awesome as always shift 😉

  • CutlassCieraFan 6 years ago

    The only “permeable” parking lots where I live are the ones that haven’t
    been resurfaced since the 70’s…

  • Alex Barrett 6 years ago

    22 comment