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  • Sasha Fitzgerald 6 years ago

    Excellent tutorial! :)

  • Mitko Tonchev 6 years ago

    I use John Smith legacy texture for 1.7.2, but ive noticed really different
    colours, either more darker or lighter wood, which John smith u use? As i
    know , u aint playing on 1.7.2, so i also wonder if the original john smith
    would work fine on 1.7.2?

  • PUPPETEER 6 years ago

    I might sound stupid for this, but what’s the bottom layer of the barn? I
    couldn’t quite understand.

  • Vetle Åla 6 years ago

    Can you make a medieval house And big medieval farm:) thx

  • Rigel Taylor 6 years ago

    Thank you for making this it really helped me!

  • sKaXz 6 years ago

    I actually hate the whole medieval theme in minecraft.. but this somehow
    impresses me, you create awesome buildings and themed areas mate, great
    work and cheers for the video :)

  • I Like your Medieval style :D

  • LoneWolfGaming 6 years ago


  • LoneWolfGaming 6 years ago

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!! Subbed by the way. Keep up the great work. And I have
    a request. Can you make a midieval mage tower?

  • TwistedSisler 6 years ago

    Thanks for starting this channel. Watching your builds has helped me
    greatly in improving the quality of my builds and developing my own
    building style. :) I think you should do more videos of you experimenting
    with different ways to build things. Also, could you do a tutorial on a
    medieval shop? Not like a market stall but an actual store.

  • DrHowtus 6 years ago

    Р О С С И Я

  • Bill Kerman 6 years ago

    TomTheCubeGaming has just recently built this in his tekkit series along
    with the house and the little farmhouse (he calls it a tool shed :p) you’re
    an awesome builder :)

  • Георгий Черепанов 6 years ago

    Вы лохи

  • Peter G 6 years ago

    I mean it’s awesome dude you’re great builder

  • Peter G 6 years ago

    Dude it’s epice you

  • Peter G 6 years ago


  • Mario Xhaj 6 years ago

    Blue flower pot?

  • Mario Xhaj 6 years ago

    Blue flowe pot?

  • Drakkart 6 years ago

    love it, very inspirational i would just have to figure out how to make it
    look good with the default pack for i love it :)

  • JeStinktNaarKaas 6 years ago

    One of the best barns I have ever seen in Minecraft, Please upload more
    tutorials. :) !

  • Jeracraft 6 years ago

    Hey there =) I don’t know much about texture packs after they made changes
    in 1.6.2 sorry that I cant help you out, but usually I just download
    different John smiths until I find the one that’s working =P – Jeracraft

  • SirRageKi11er 6 years ago

    Jerarcraft I need a boss spawn for a server I am making it is going to be
    professional I know that and yea if u want to contact me just ask we might
    pay depending on how much u want

  • Jeracraft 6 years ago

    Here’s a sneak peak, 5 million blocks Placed ( Episode 4 SimCity High-rise
    ) Will be recording the video tomorrow, after I make some final touches to
    the build =) – Jeracraft

  • Lucas de Kam 6 years ago

    I cant wait for your next vid! =D

  • LeoShocker225 6 years ago

    Dungeon/Cave tutorial? :)