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  • Caleb Mathey 6 years ago

    nice good work

  • michelle scott 6 years ago

    hey shift

  • M05stlygaming 6 years ago

    What’s the co-rods of this house on the server

  • M05stlygaming 6 years ago


  • Zebox49 6 years ago


  • Daina Freinberga 6 years ago

    It’s so compact, and sooo… COLLLLL…!!! :)

  • RooneyRock18 6 years ago

    That toilet paper holder is so freakin cool I don’t know why 13:15

  • TheGamersofFunny 6 years ago

    two diff intros nice

  • FunkyProjectz 6 years ago

    nobody cares about 1st either

  • Omar Banuelos 6 years ago

    The red block in the lining room was suppose to be a fire place

  • Mathieu gagné 6 years ago


  • KHAOS410 6 years ago

    How did you make the green bed longer? What console command is that?

  • DeathzoneLP 6 years ago

    Whats the Name of the Pictures Mod? :)

  • Adwebia poop 6 years ago

    The plugin is neo painting switch.

  • animangastar101 6 years ago

    You sound really tired, or drunk…

  • agentH50 6 years ago

    Nice Job. Love the Ideas

  • Giosue Gerini 6 years ago

    awesome intro! just make it a couple seconds longer

  • Billeh H 6 years ago

    Nice new intro!

  • Kingal1337 6 years ago

    it is a plugin on the server

  • Laxbro230 6 years ago

    I learned alot from this vid. Thanks shifty shift! 😀

  • Eugene Dufinsnimer 6 years ago


  • Jules G 6 years ago

    Hey Shift, could you do a video on planning the layout for a new build? I’m
    talking about dimensions, placing colorful wool at certain corners, etc.,
    because I always make it up as I go along, which is really bad for the land
    around it! It ends up lopsided or hanging off a cliff. 😛 It’d really help
    if you did this! Thanks! ~Juli

  • Martyn Sun 6 years ago


  • L1LD3RRY2000 6 years ago

    No one cares about 2nd

  • TheFreak727 6 years ago

    I love your interiors, but why cobblestone couches! (fuuuuu) xD