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  • Generikb 6 years ago
  • Minecraft Videos 6 years ago

    *Generikb’s fully functional aquarium* for Minecraft 1.6+

  • robhie mattz 6 years ago

    it’s good but i think i can improve it a little bit ^_^

  • TheTNTGamer 6 years ago


  • Tommas Witvrouwen 6 years ago

    you can now see the water in 1.7.2

  • Lucas Lis 6 years ago

    nice man

  • Ella O'Donnell 6 years ago

    Poo you can see the water now

  • Dusty_Rose 6 years ago

    Doesn’t work

  • CanadianBaconPig 6 years ago

    This is Great

  • ralph isyoutubing 6 years ago

    doesnt workproperly in 1.7.2 the water sticks to the ice making it look
    weird and visible trough ice

  • Mikie Ott 6 years ago

    This aquariam looks like it belongs in Etho’s Lab

  • AquaticAquariums 6 years ago

    I wonder how clownfish could survive in an aquarium without salt. Hm.

  • Luca Jooste 6 years ago

    It broke in 13w34a because you now see water trough ice!!:)

  • Luca Jooste 6 years ago

    Oh Josh Beamsley i didnt see you said it, no probs, you went first you get
    the goods, sorry:)

  • Chloe IsEpic 6 years ago

    dat intro never gets old

  • Josh beamsley 6 years ago

    in the latest snapshot you can see water through ice because it was
    originally a bug

  • MidnightWolf235 6 years ago

    why cant i get the update????

  • Random_Element 6 years ago

    still will work, but you will be able to see the water and ice etc through
    themselves like ice and water etc… so it won’t really be as effective…

  • alexander m 6 years ago

    wow, that fish looks so alive…

  • Ryan Cowen 6 years ago

    i could use raw fish on xbox in update 14

  • StuffWithAlexGaming 6 years ago

    They fixed the rendering issues so the ice will be see-through and it won’t
    look good.

  • Jacob Larsen 6 years ago

    Dang it Genny !! wont work after 13w41a ;S

  • Dizeiego 6 years ago

    Won’t look as good in the next update D;

  • Flamarow 6 years ago

    Awesome job with the aquarium. I wish it was possible to slow down the top
    fish though. Unfortunately, snapshot 13w41a fixes the ability to see water
    and ice through semi-transparent blocks so the aquarium isn’t as cool
    looking anymore. =( On the plus side, stained glass was added!

  • Google Chorme 6 years ago