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  • ViewableSage Gaming 6 years ago

    You should make a download

  • Raphaël S 6 years ago


  • 834rCu8 6 years ago

    9:14 the house has a nose and moustache

  • Shanaynay 6 years ago

    whats the texture pack I MUST KNOW its awesome

  • 834rCu8 6 years ago

    I tried Amplified my computer lagged like a bitch

  • 834rCu8 6 years ago

    Within the last 3 videos I have found 2 sheep in the water

  • TripleBGaming 6 years ago

    I used this kinda of house it looked a little different but the same idea
    and I used this for the mod minecraft comes alive and it made a great
    family house

  • 32mandijo 6 years ago

    Are you relly not u Gowing stop necking scar land

  • chris flanger 6 years ago

    I meant affend not attend sorry autocorrect

  • chris flanger 6 years ago

    I don’t want to attend scar but why does he always talk about the hospital
    visits and wheel chairs what happend to him how’d he get hurt or injurd
    scar if u see this and don’t wanna answer or feel uncomfortable telling me
    just skip the comment k

  • Sarah Amer 6 years ago

    You’re land is the best i ever seen

  • Sarah Amer 6 years ago

    when i saw ur videos i built more houses i tried to be like u but i can’t
    be like u because u r AWESOME !

  • zach schneider 6 years ago

    why do u need a wheelchair ?

  • zach schneider 6 years ago

    hey what mod pack do u use ? and can u give me tips for a new youtube
    channel to do mine craft?

  • Michael Higgs 6 years ago

    lol that enderman at the end

  • animallover lpsrocks 6 years ago

    I love the house omg i have seen all your videos and you’re just awesome
    and keep up the great work now i can build all your awesome stuff now that
    i finally got mine craft 😀 YOU’RE AWESOMME AND COOLIO

  • Zandra Addington 6 years ago

    yah, but people like to name things fancy, like, gold is butter

  • Zandra Addington 6 years ago

    wow, you really know how to build a “mean” house

  • Chris West 6 years ago

    Do you know how to make a torch stand it’s cool take an item frame put it
    on the wall place a torch then put a trap door in the frame

  • Christopher Salazar 6 years ago

    Make and host a server to join

  • Christopher Salazar 6 years ago

    That is spruce wood not chocolate wood.

  • spennickproductions 6 years ago

    What about games with subs?

  • NhiQuann 6 years ago

    is the texture pack done yet?

  • Garen Lim 6 years ago

    Could u put your world for download when it is done

  • ThatMinecraftGirl100 6 years ago

    Scar, I was wondering why don’t you play on servers survival? That would be
    cool! (P.S, I love your vids and i’m following along with this house and i
    think it looks great! Thanks so much!)