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  • Brandon Gordon 6 years ago

    Te best tutorial i have ever watched… Thank you!

  • Zac Lee 6 years ago

    Your tutorial Is so outrageously simple and easy it pulled me out of bed to
    try and make one. Not sure if I should thank you or blame you for my
    insomnia. Both maybe.

  • Viktor Reznov 6 years ago

    So how would I go about adding the last ingredient circuit. would I do it
    the same alternating way? 

  • Demi Lupus 6 years ago

    YOU deserve my sub. No beating around the bush, not much unneeded
    description and Straight to the point. Bravo 

  • Orion Prague 6 years ago

    i can substitute the the iron blocks right? RIGHT?!

  • anti venom 6 years ago

    In using 1.7.4 and the ingredients won’t even come out of the dropper to
    the hooper so PLZ help

  • Mr33339 6 years ago

    What about the breathing potion? Can i just add one more on to the end for
    the Pufferfish?

  • James Nitrox 6 years ago

    Just what I needed thanks tango gona make it now. Great vid as always :-)

  • UstedTubo187 6 years ago

    Tango! Just whipped this out in creative and works great. Looking forward
    to the build in my survival server! (Especially since I won’t have to mine
    as much as I did for the Iron Trench! Hahaha) I even tested by eliminating
    an ingredient and it stops after the brew cycle just like a champ! You
    continue to impress me with your redstoning. You may be the best redstoning
    Youtuber out there. Very smart builds. Keep these gems coming!

  • Peer Dessers 6 years ago


  • TheSlaterPlays 6 years ago

    I just built this, the water bottles just disappear when I put them in the
    chest, the ingredients don’t come out of their hoppers…. WTF

  • Kyubeen Lee 6 years ago

    the potions don’t come out when they are completed brewing in the new
    snapshot :(

  • Jonathan Hubermann 6 years ago

    HELP! I download the map, i have everything set, the items get fed, but
    their is a problem with the water bottles. I filled up the chests fully,
    but when i turn on the machine, they dont get fed into the brewer. So i am
    stuck with nether wart, but no water bottle to brew it in. I really dont
    know what to do. i can see that my two items for the potion are in the
    hopper above, but the water bottles just wont get fed into the brewer.
    please help ASAP

  • Ross Chapman 6 years ago

    This thing is working perfectly, except there is one problem, the items
    with repeaters over them aren’t being put into the hoppers, and that
    includes the nether wart,
    Please help me, send me a message and I’ll give you the server ip

  • Enderboy16 6 years ago

    thanks dude… this is exactly what I was looking for

  • Justin Hilliard 6 years ago

    I was also having issues getting the potions to even start loading. When
    Tango goes back at the end of the video to remove the line for the Nether
    Wart, he removed the repeater, torch, piston and replace the torch with a
    lever. You also need to remove the the torch on the block to the left as
    you’re looking down the line at the alternating redstone / repeaters. This
    should solve the issue of the machine not even starting.

  • scottthebmxer 6 years ago

    As easy as this sounds it will Probly take me like 2 days to build lol

  • callumepic 6 years ago

    I made it and my ingredents come out but not my water bottles cant work out

  • Shadowcraftvideos 6 years ago

    Items Wont Go in correct order help?

  • jorge eduardo bolivar mojica 6 years ago

    Sorry cool

  • james bradbury 6 years ago

    I did everything you said I watched the vid twice and it just makes the
    water botteles go straight out of the brewing stand and into potions chest
    D: HELP

  • Tyrique Fields 6 years ago

    When I flip the switch to start my ingredients don’t go anywhere and music
    doesn’t play. What should I do? It worked
    before but doesn’t work when I try it now, I looked threw it and found that
    my chests below the Brewing Stand filled up. Do I need to empty out my
    chests for it to work?

  • HiImQuantum 6 years ago

    So I hit the item I want to use, (str II) I hit blaze powder, and it
    doesn’t load. everything is in place, pistons work everything. HOW DO I

  • Jaxet7 6 years ago

    thanks, umm I have come across a problem, when you put the repeater into
    the water bottle holder ( the one that goes into the brewing stand ) the
    hopper doesn’t fill the brewing stand, so when I took it away, the water
    bottles just flowed into the potion collection chest, thanks upfront if you
    could help :)

  • Mohammad Ghali 6 years ago

    I am having the same problem too:(