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  • Thecommander248 6 years ago

    That tree was a slaughter house.

  • MrClassholes 6 years ago

    Your questions about enchanting mechanics can be answered on the minecraft
    wiki, and the time spent(half an hour or so of afk to get a high level
    enchant) can definitely worth the buffs… if you get a good buff, which is

  • nishbrown 6 years ago

    Ha ha! That was great. So, the enchantments are generated randomly, right?
    Could you keep flipping through until you find useful enchantments for all
    your gear? Or is the time spent, not worth the slight buffs you would have
    over-all? I’m continually amazed by how detailed and in-depth this, very
    simple looking, game is.

  • TheLoremasterNojah 6 years ago

    The enchantments are random, and you enchant blind. If you spend a ton of
    time at an xp grinder you can eventually have best-in-slot gear using
    enchanting tables and anvils.

  • TheLoremasterNojah 6 years ago