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  • Ramzi Z 6 years ago

    you didnt show the extra small pick up

  • jaden mcenaney 6 years ago

    what texture pack do u use

  • Christian Joseramos 6 years ago

    you are mad funny

  • Russell Shutes 6 years ago

    I like your ideas for things but honestly for my own liking your designs
    are too bulky. Could you make a few designs for trucks and other things
    that are only 3 wide?

  • Louis Evans 6 years ago

    I agree with Russell Shutes.

  • benito abel 6 years ago

    Your sound is like seth rogen

  • mofo4130 6 years ago

    I was wondering which block you would use for the hitch on the xbox. Good

  • zack smith 6 years ago

    is this driveable

  • Kaspar Skårland 6 years ago


  • ArcRaven13 6 years ago

    I tried to watch the “tanker” part but those superstructures in the
    background distracted me.

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago


  • christopher brookes 6 years ago

    Dude you rock

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks Paul! As for the texture pack, just make sure you are not trying to
    unzip the actual texture pack (resource pack) As long as you are putting it
    into the right folder it should go no probs. I don’t have a Mac but I
    assume all is the same as far as that goes. Hope ya get it to work mate :-)

  • Paul Dodds 6 years ago

    You have easily gained one more sub, but my one question is how do you get
    your texture pack, because I install it (I’m on a Mac OS X desktop
    computer) with win.zip and I just can’t seem to get it to show up even if I
    place it in the texture pack folder, mind helping me, I would really
    appreciate it.

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks,hope ya enjoy the rest of my channel :-)

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Check out my cars and trucks vid. I kinda got an RV type thing in that one.
    Maybe that will help, let me know

  • ThatDoughBoy 6 years ago

    I do. But could u make a tut on rvs ( recreational vehicle )

  • ThatDoughBoy 6 years ago

    I subbed

  • ian bayne 6 years ago

    What minecraft are you using

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    I wish you luck and make sure you have fun :-) thank for the love and
    support !

  • Justin Conway 6 years ago

    love your stuff jag i play xbox version and non of my friends have ever
    seen your builds and amazed how much detail is in every piece ive started a
    new wordl and I’m going to try to put everything that you have in it.

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    PC version

  • Nathan Lee 6 years ago

    what is the big building in the background

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    I assume you are talking about the very tall building :-) that is my CHITS
    building. Its a 32 track max height train station. You can see more of it
    being built in my Play with Thunder episodes on that build :-)

  • MinecraftNerd185 6 years ago

    Bad luck Brian forgot handful of nuts