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  • juan zarate 6 years ago

    Great video

  • leigh porter 6 years ago

    A very nice video, you don’t mind if I adapt your tank design to make a
    Victorian steam punk style mobile gun do you?

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    thanks :-)

  • Jbros160 6 years ago

    Haha jag these are pretty cool

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Well you can just build my military tuts then buddy :-)

  • Jack Sayer 6 years ago

    I wish I could build cool things like you because I can’t build military
    stuff to save my life

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Check out my Build it Better series :-)

  • jonny Moon 6 years ago

    I wanna see ur world

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Its a tad bit smaller :-)

  • barn3yPL 6 years ago

    Oh sry thought the green tank would be smaller looool

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    I only had 2 and I showed them both :-)

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    mini tank?

  • barn3yPL 6 years ago

    I mean the little tank cuz u only showed how to build the big un :]

  • barn3yPL 6 years ago

    sup jag ur awsum but 1 question why didnt u show how to build tha mini tank?

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    yup haha

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Yeah at this scale that was pretty tough to make happen. Glad ya like em
    anyways and thanks for the big time support!

  • BradYeti97 6 years ago

    It’s a huge understatement, and possibly even an insult, to say Jag is
    awesome and builds this hot ass, mother fucking tank! It’s a shame u can’t
    get in them but that’s 1 con against like 50000 pro’s. well done Jag!

  • PVP_playerPro's Minecraft Channel! 6 years ago

    0 dislikes…there is gonna be that one asshole….

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks Sam :-) No tnt tank anytime soon tho, haha I dont do redstone shit
    very often plus just way to busy right now, sorry :-(

  • Sam Standish 6 years ago

    Jag you ar number fucking one broter love your tuts and u shud make a tank
    that shoots tnt please bro?!!

  • Ionica MC 6 years ago

    the video would be over 6 hours long depending on how much detail you put
    into it ps you should build kings bay submarine navel base or Norfolk navel

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Ohh the longest supertanker ever built huh? lol maybe one of these days
    when I get time. Thanks for the suggestion :-)

  • tony kelly 6 years ago

    Dude your next big build should be the Knock Nevis…

  • callum wright 6 years ago

    will you be doing an attack heli like an ah-64 apache or a ah-1 cobra

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks :-)