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  • Keralis 5 years ago

    Minecraft – Suburban House 3

  • Kappa 5 years ago

    8/10 small and simple yet sexy as hell.

  • Epic Troll Box U MAD BRO 5 years ago

    dude, your voice is soo smooth and chill, it makes me relax

  • alex harrison 5 years ago

    3.142 (nerds will get this)

  • Aidan Kennedy 5 years ago

    This is more of a farm house than a suburban house

  • LeAmazingDeer 5 years ago

    8/10, lots of cake for the builder ;D

  • TheGoldenTacos 5 years ago

    Solid 7, just to much wasted space down stairs

  • Secksie_ Mandoodle 5 years ago

    Colonial let’s build coming back? or…?

  • HD_inmemoriam 5 years ago

    5/10. I really like the idea, and at first glance, this house looks cozy
    and amazing. But it is like 1.5 or 2 times too big overall. Plus I don’t
    really care for the interior the creator has chosen.

  • Ryan Mitchell 5 years ago

    i rate this pizza/10 needs more meme :3

  • ElCreeper 5 years ago

    it is called the shader which uses in this video?

  • Cittykat Does Gaming 5 years ago

    lol everytime i watch one of these, i wonder what it looks like on all
    normal minecraft textures… XD i play on xbox and pe so i can’t add
    textures or shaders…. :C And btw 9/10 I feel it was a bit too simple
    but good enough, cute house.

  • Sean E John 5 years ago

    8/10 Which i might probably live there.

  • Joris Dietz 5 years ago


  • jinkazama234 5 years ago


  • Henrik Loetvedt 5 years ago

    7/10 Nice house, butt (i like big butts) the holdes over the windows kinda
    made it worse

  • Wendy Postmus 5 years ago

    Not really my style, but really nice 

  • Hulalups 5 years ago

    7/10 Nice, small and well done overall design. Lacks a little detail
    (specially on the outside) The layout is a little clumsy, entrance is too
    far away from the way up to the house 😉 But not bad

  • Dominik Tetnowski 5 years ago

    9.5/10 :)

  • Reece Mcnamara 5 years ago

    10/10 i like the blocks they used.

  • Spencer Mclaughlan 5 years ago

    From 1 to 10 i rate it 1 million 

  • AaronArmstrong030792 5 years ago

    7/10. Nice detailing on the chimney and other exterior sections. The huge
    fans are a little bit odd, but everything else is really nice. :)

  • Reşat Yıldırım 5 years ago

    +Keralis 8/10 but more like a 8.232143152 to me :)
    Nice Design , Brilliant layout , That top flor glass design , Modernish but
    simple furnitures
    Not much really . All i can say is maybe a better exterior gardening , and
    maybe more suitable materials for the endstone parts .. But i get that ,
    It’s something hard to build with ..

    Nice Job!

  • Fredric Hegland 5 years ago

    I rate it 7,429