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  • 66DragonAnimations 6 years ago

    Does this work in the 1.8 snapshots or 1.7?

  • 0geezer 6 years ago

    This is stupid. It isn’t using the whole slime chunk.

  • raul cervera 6 years ago

    Can in use hoppers in the floor?

  • Niki Koptzev 6 years ago

    I did not really understood. A chunk is a 16 by 16 blocks square and you
    filled 4 chunks for the slime farm. Am I correct? Also I didn’t understood
    where the middle block have to be placed

  • Bjarke Nielsen 6 years ago

    Christoffer Æ/æ is not only a norwegian letter it is also a Danish
    letter:). So he could May be, beæret Danish :)

  • ChristofferHD 6 years ago

    Norsk: Er du tilfeldigvis norsk? «Æ»/«æ» er en norsk bokstav. Engelsk: Are
    you by any change Norwegian? «Æ»/«æ» is a Norwegian letter.

  • brickking24 6 years ago

    Hey milky can you guess my name on cubekrowd you were watching me take down
    my iron farm

  • siggihero1 6 years ago

    Can i join that server please send Me a messeæeage om YouTube

  • milkYw4iMC 6 years ago

    sorry, this Server is invite only :-(

  • milkYw4iMC 6 years ago

    sorry, my recording software swapped the audio and microphone tracks for
    some reason between recordings and I did not notice that at that time,
    won’t happen again.

  • MusicalPorpoise 6 years ago

    The water is a bit loud. Maybe turn down the in-game volume a tad when

  • Nestorixx MC 6 years ago


  • milkYw4iMC 6 years ago

    yes it is, but not the chocolate bar 😉

  • milkYw4iMC 6 years ago

    place them in east/west direction, north/south is hell of annoying

  • XV Zeus 6 years ago

    hah nom nom 😀

  • XV Zeus 6 years ago

    is your name relate to like milkyway? 😀

  • Zoid1000MC 6 years ago

    After the one of the first speed ups your voice is so low yet your
    minecraft sound is so high

  • milkYw4iMC 6 years ago

    I cannot really tell what you did wrong. It’s failproof.

  • Zoid1000MC 6 years ago

    wait! you skipped a lot of steps with the rails, this is so confusing >:(

  • Zoid1000MC 6 years ago

    The item drop off station don’t work for me

  • Zoid1000MC 6 years ago

    Placing the rails next to each other like that is SOOOO HARD!!!!

  • mike hawk 6 years ago

    I think you talk very well for someone whose native language isn’t english
    but he’s right about the game sounds I usually have 1 earbud in and the
    game sounds totally remove your voice.

  • Landon Kryger 6 years ago

    Technically yes, but it’s way better to build in a slime chunk. In a slime
    chunk you get layers 5-39 and you can light it so only slime spawn. In a
    swamp you only get layers 51-69 (nearly half as much) and you must keep
    light levels low which means anything can spawn.

  • lucky strike 6 years ago

    That’s missed the recording… ;c

  • Kent Pyper kentpyper 6 years ago

    Thanks for replying! I have a design I’d like to show you, it’s a sheep
    farm, could I show it to you sometime?