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  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    6.4k views and nearly 50 likes, again WOW! thank you to everyone who liked,
    commented and watched my video. Its very much appreciated. 

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    5 thousand views and 40 likes, WOW! thanks guys and girls

  • Mekbot power 6 years ago

    wait he said: remember to type (?????) i cant understand him please help

  • johnny warren 6 years ago

    when i click “minecraft server” it only says the memory use and nothing in
    the log and check

  • candice dates 6 years ago

    Every time i open ipconfig it opens then closes

  • caza390 6 years ago

    Thank you know I can make modded and non-modded server :)

  • Matthew Lepore 6 years ago

    how do iget to portforwarding with belkin router

  • raf thes me 6 years ago

    I wont work for me

  • McPikachu 6 years ago

    I mean config

  • the mc player 6 years ago

    wait at the beginning on when he said type in did he say ” ipconflict ” or
    did he say ” ipconfict “

  • DrakonicWolves 6 years ago

    how to add bukkit on this? I know how yo make bukkit server using the CMD
    but I want to know how to make the bukkit server using that

  • McPikachu 6 years ago

    dood/ dude* I dont get where to go when u said ipconflict

  • Dusminecraftgames 6 years ago

    Thank you :)

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    Just look up in Google Images: HD Minecraft Creeper Wallpapers.

  • TheGameAbductor 6 years ago

    Can you link your background?

  • Tweezta 6 years ago

    when i try the run the exe i click run and nothing happens

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    Did you add the correct IP4 address. Sometime’s it changes.

  • igy pavuša 6 years ago

    what i need tipe in

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone for 500 views!

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    Go on to this website: whatsmyip and copy the IP at the top of the website

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    I guess it really depends on what computer and internet you have

  • MorsseRosse 6 years ago

    it doesnt work

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone for 100 views!

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago

    Also i forgot to say to let people to play on your server go to a website
    called whatsmyip and give them that address.

  • TechnoKiwi 6 years ago