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  • MagmaMusen 5 years ago

    Cool! :D

  • Origami Cat 5 years ago

    Bravo! this deserves to be seen By the community coz it’s so good and Super
    easy to make but looks complicated and you tell how to make it ”Step By
    Step” and a base like that deserves 20/10 IGN VERY GOOD :))

  • MarioMineHD 5 years ago

    Super secret 😀 for my base -3-
    Like :)

  • Andrei Truta 5 years ago

    Awesome, very helpful!

  • xX_GEORGE_Xx 5 years ago


  • ColesAnimals 5 years ago

    Awesome! I love secret bases :D

  • Mrvl108 5 years ago

    what texture pack do u use?

  • Luka Mihailovic 5 years ago

    You did a great job placing that in the kitchen. ;-)

  • Elise90025 5 years ago

    Can you make that secret base with stairs? I like that one really. But the
    other bases are to really cool!

  • AwesomeLightBulb 5 years ago

    Could you make a music/band using redstone + note blocks?

  • Luisfetoga - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Really cool