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  • Rhys Christian 6 years ago

    How do you make the dropper not lose its items?

  • GamerDude 6 years ago

    Items that are not stackable are heavier then stackeble items so it will
    give a stronger redstone singal.

  • Julius Vendorf 6 years ago

    Amazing you just earned a sub:D

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    Maybe some time in the future. Good idea! :)

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    Haha yeah. I use those to help people find my video.

  • somuchwork 6 years ago

    looks at tags holy mother of god

  • Liam O'Brien 6 years ago

    make a huge forest where everything is a trap

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    I’m not attempting to judge. I’m simply saying you’ve no redstone videos so
    I’m not interested in promoting you in any way. And so what if I looked
    this up? (which I didn’t) What difference does that make? The fact that I
    could’ve looked this up doesn’t make you any more skilled in redstone as
    you seem to think it does.

  • DarknodeGaming 6 years ago

    My I dont have Redstone Videos, but I am very advanced with redstone and I
    am pretty sure you looked up how to make this redstone contraption before
    you tought it, so I am not that bad at redstone. Dont judge before you know.

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    Thanks, but no thanks. I like to surround my channel with the redstone
    community and you’ve no redstone videos. Sorry.

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    I know. I often have trouble finding the time though. :/

  • collinbonker 6 years ago

    you need to upload more dude

  • DarknodeGaming 6 years ago

    NJ I like your videos & I just wanted to ask maybe if you wanted to a
    Channel Battle. This is where you and me battle on eachother’s channel &
    get each other popular with shout-outs & different Minecraft game-plays…
    Maybe you would like to do that. My Minecraft server will be up around 3:30
    PM the day after this message. Message me back with your response… :3

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    Weapons give a stronger output. That’s just how the game was programmed.

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    You have to use a dropper. Don’t use a dispenser. The angle shouldn’t make
    any difference.

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    I use Dxtory to record and I use a blue snowball microphone to talk.

  • NJILLATACTICS 6 years ago

    Thanks! 😀

  • NicholPlaysGames 6 years ago

    What makes the blocks give a output of two but the block only an output of

  • Wietse badpak 6 years ago


  • Kruzer55Presents 6 years ago

    Very nice tutorial, I’m in to Redstone myself so I can honestly say in my
    opinion this was well though out! Amazing job! 😀

  • NoobieGoneMAD 6 years ago


  • unlinkingtuna 6 years ago

    Awesome vid, what do u use for gameplay and microphone

  • TheGolden Dungeon 6 years ago

    The randomizers aren’t working for me. A built a minigame concept and I put
    the dispencer and the hopper facing the dispencer. Do I have to face it at
    a certain angle or is it just me?

  • NoobieGoneMAD 6 years ago