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  • RayrayProductions Feltes 5 years ago

    Short but sweet!

  • PhoenixDeath Gaming 5 years ago

    Eevee is so cute

  • Bartłomiej Czopek 5 years ago

    please no more pokemon tutorials

  • Gage Anderson 5 years ago

    Hey min3r,Remember when i suggested victini? Are you going to hake it in
    the near future

  • Thailanders 5 years ago

    heres another sub! u deserve it!

  • LDShadow Lady 5 years ago

    First comment and view

  • KittyintheUSA 5 years ago

    Plzmake more pokemon tutorials I really love them plz plz plz makke more
    its the best pixel arts I use and keep them coming they r great!!!!! ♥

  • Jext16 5 years ago

    3rd comment and view

  • Beigha V 5 years ago

    Plz do sylveon or any other Eevee Evolutions

  • troung hoai 5 years ago

    Go build a skylender

  • Shadow X GamingZ 5 years ago

    You and phoenixdeathgaming are the best pixel art youtuber ever :D

  • Tristin Watkins 5 years ago

    A Pixel art mustang would be so cool.

  • TeddyBear 5 years ago

    1 view ???

  • Tristin Watkins 5 years ago


  • ms. peanutbutterwatermelon 5 years ago


  • Ronnie Malone 5 years ago

    This guy is the best 

  • Edgar Garibay 5 years ago

    Echen aré you gonna do the giveaway ??

  • Candy Kitty 2003 5 years ago

    Omg that’s so adorable xD

  • Dude I love the videos that are under 10 and still amazing!

  • EvilMonkey10119 5 years ago

    Super Adorable :D

  • Damien DuBois 5 years ago

    Its ok that your sick min3r I know how you feel cause I have the flue