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  • Felix Guaman 5 years ago

    #Minecraft #Pixel #Art #Tutorial #Deathstroke #DCComics Part 8 #Xbox
    #Xbox360 #XboxOne

  • victoria henson 5 years ago

    :) hey 

  • Jaxon Lester 5 years ago

    Yay i am one of the first comments!

  • Catherine Mcmullin 5 years ago

    Pls make more halo pile art Pls I am begging you please!!!!!!

  • Lightning Tiger 5 years ago

    Love the vid but will u get chica part 3 this week plz?!

  • Phillip Stone 5 years ago

    Thank you for Deathstroke part 8 Felix!
    When will part 9 be out?

  • Tom Kenny 5 years ago

    can you make a remake of natsu

  • Alejandro Navarro Garcia 5 years ago

    Pixel art the golden Freddy part 1 soon ?

  • Derek Brown 5 years ago

    Your amazing!!!!

  • L0rrD GamePlay 5 years ago

    Springtrap / Golden Freddy part 1 please!!

  • Shane Mc Donnell 5 years ago

    Build your skin