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  • andyisyoda 5 years ago

    thanks to AppleSnipez for this really quick design! Leave a like for him!

  • Donovan Murphy 5 years ago

    are you going to do Victorian house today

  • TheBookGolem 5 years ago

    I would like to see the LA Mansion next! Love your videos as always! 

  • TheNinePixelz 5 years ago

    Since when have you been part of Studtech?

  • Sean Sondermeyer 5 years ago

    I love the series and this design, but I wish they were a little more
    realistic…. what lamborghini looks like that?…. still liked though!

  • Chace 624 5 years ago

    First ya

  • Polo Baluyut 5 years ago

    Andy, when will you start uploading Studtech? I saw you on the player list
    of GoodTimesWithScar’s first Studtech video.

  • BoKi GaMer24 5 years ago

    U plz make a Man TGX XXL i love that truck

  • heyTello 5 years ago

    i witnessed this

  • BadHairDay 5 years ago

    Strange looking. The trucks look better XD