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  • xisumavoid 5 years ago
  • Red Nomster 5 years ago

    I love when redstone creations are one wide, it makes me feel powerful.
    There’s a guy who made a 1-wide 3×3 piston door. It’s like wut, stop
    playing god. O:

  • SpaceKingRaftas 5 years ago

    Any idea how to use this well? Like it’s a cool idea but I don’t see the
    practicality of it.

  • MaxPicAxe | Redstone | SMP 5 years ago

    Whats the point of this instead of a normal pressure plate.But it’s very

  • Logicraft Redstone 5 years ago

    Yay JB :3

  • 777static777 5 years ago

    VERY cool design and I love the way the tutorial is edited!
    That third person perspective really added a lot to the tutorial.

    It’s great how easily customisable the redstone is on this – can choose
    exactly how you want it to work with just a few blocks.

  • Ethan Creeperz 5 years ago

    Can u do a tutorial on the dropper u made in h3rmitcraft? Or a link to how
    to build it?

  • TheGamesters 5 years ago

    X, could you not remove the slime block at the t-flip flop and place the
    piston one block higher?

  • Spacehamster1OO 5 years ago

    Hey Xisuma, do you know what happened to Unhost?

  • snart 5 years ago

    This is better than a regular pressure plate, as it unpowers as soon as you
    move off it instead of 1/2 a second later

  • Definitely going to use this, thanks Xisuma! 1st comment

  • Nikolaj Mohar 5 years ago

    Nice might use since a lot of people come and kill my guardians at the
    server I play on

  • duisjfuds dinges 5 years ago

    what’s wrong with a regular presure plate?

  • CALSE7EN 5 years ago

    How do you make a piston string bud thingy, that turns the lights on when
    you walk over it, and when you leave they turn off?

  • Hipgo Gogo 5 years ago


  • Snipe0Rain 5 years ago

    What’s up X

  • MCsquadron 5 years ago

    Xisumavoid Maybe You Could Maybe One Every Two Weeks Look Around Your Plot
    World Server And Tour??

  • Eric Gray 5 years ago

    I just had a thought. Could you make a rail track the leads into a minecart
    slime block elevator that is activated with a activator rail on a delay,
    and at the top of the elevator you have a slime block launched that shoots
    you onto the next part of the rail track.

  • Nathan Ayala 5 years ago

    Cam you make one compatible for console?

  • Dennis ! 5 years ago

    Is it just me or does Xisuma look like a sheep in the thumbnail?

  • Tigers RC 5 years ago

    This is very useful and compact. I’m sure that I could use it for hidden
    inputs or just in a cool area in my base. Thanks for the tutorial! :-)

  • cvpilku 5 years ago

    Hey X! I was wondering how did you get into minecraft and the redstone
    aspect of it.

  • Nepew Somethinghere 5 years ago

    Now make it act like a gold/iron pressure plate =P

  • Dan, thebigsmileXD 5 years ago

    Nice improvement :) alot smaller and faster, using less reccources too!

  • Caleb Bowen 5 years ago

    How did you video at the side like that?