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  • Luuk Van Delft 6 years ago


  • TheIremblence 6 years ago

    I love your builds ;)

  • Jake Beane 6 years ago

    i love

  • Ender0191MC 6 years ago

    I made this on a creative server and gave you full credit, a BUNCH of
    people loved it, and love you now!

  • Josh Kelly 6 years ago

    They’re called shutters, dude :)

  • infinite FDS 6 years ago

    this is like a smaller version of the mansion

  • robyrob78 6 years ago

    Wow, awesome man! I try to come up with cool houses like yours but they
    never turn out good lol

  • battlefieldkille 6 years ago


  • jean flups 6 years ago

    I think… Why are u not an architect?

  • inkedupd 6 years ago

    00.52 weena penis’s ????? whaaaat

  • fede ciao 6 years ago

    I am italian yeeee

  • Pete Andrea 6 years ago

    Thanks for the inspiration, I will be building this on 26/12/13 I will try
    to make a whole city and I will try to contact you to show you it.

  • Voca T 6 years ago

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  • ViciandtheMatti Hinlsen 6 years ago

    What size is it?

  • akua Dragon 6 years ago

    Love it .this one is my 5 building all from keralis. You are awesome man
    thanks for shearing. O and I only have minecraft PE is so hard but they I
    make them look similar lol.

  • ahsen ayvat 6 years ago

    This isnt minecraft

  • VerLittleHooligans 6 years ago

    Your voice is AWESOME!

  • Danial Ghasemi 6 years ago

    I COuld Have Sworn in 0:51 he said glese penesis

  • Luka Brna HD 6 years ago


  • morgan settle 6 years ago

    The door in the texture pack is awwwwessoommeee

  • Realistix5 6 years ago

    were i can download this map?

  • Trelokotsidou Tokolemon 6 years ago

    its perfect

  • Kottobeh 6 years ago

    No kitchen ? 😀 Whats a italian villa without italian mom cooking in the

  • Michael Pratt 6 years ago


  • Angelos Ballao 6 years ago