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  • Keralis 5 years ago

    Minecraft – Falling Water House 2 (Frank Lloyd Wright)

  • Riley Borg 5 years ago

    Keralis, I have a good idea that you won’t want to try. You should try a
    massive scale speedbuild, multi-episoded and all. Like, a big boat, or
    skyscraper, etc. Just an idea, it will take a while, I understand, but Im
    sure you could do something like this!

  • xFrozz 5 years ago

    I don’t think I’ll ever get to be on the inspiration series ;-; there goes
    1 goal

  • CheatersLp 5 years ago

    school tomorrow and there is no cities skylines ;(

  • Emanuel Arias 5 years ago


  • Ryan Chen 5 years ago

    the lighting inside the house caused by the trees look really nice, mine
    craft should make it shaders default into the game

  • Cor Sijtsma 5 years ago

    Ezel means donkey in dutch xD

  • Dan Robards 5 years ago

    Will you be making the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum by FLW?
    It’ll be so hard with all the curves

  • Dawson Stephens 5 years ago

    Where is wife vs minecraft season 2

  • squiggles 5 years ago

    Wow this houses are completely amazing! ive been to the house before and it
    looks so alike

  • Joris Dietz 5 years ago

    It’s a great house, but the architect might have thougth better about
    space; it’s a tight squeeze and rather small rooms… Maybe in real life
    that’s better…

  • ItzDawnEternity 5 years ago

    I will be a architect one day attending to Yale even though now I’m 14

  • MrRoflHD 5 years ago

    It’s amazing!

  • RsF Meltdown 5 years ago

    I’ve been near this house it looks exact.

  • HBAirsoft GamingEN 5 years ago

    You did a inspiration video on this a year ago…

  • Cittykat Does Gaming 5 years ago

    These videos inspire me to keep building in minecraft! i keep running out
    of ideas but overtime you make one of these, it makes me build!

  • nicolas weber 5 years ago

    The house where I live is actually made by Frank Lioyd Wright :)

  • Joep Adams 5 years ago

    more city skylines please i need a daily dose

  • BLTspace 5 years ago

    House is so good I get chills thinking about the real one. I need to see it
    one day. :I

  • Cameron Whitelaw 5 years ago

    I have this house on SL 

  • Wolfy Slays 5 years ago

    a lot of things were wrong, I went on one of the tours. But overall good

  • TheLaurensGaming 101 5 years ago

    Duuudes stop crying about other vids from minecraft/cities skylines…!!
    Just watch what he uploads!!!! He is the owner from this channel so he
    chose what he uploads and when he uploads…! Sorry for bad English if this
    would be bad but I am Dutch!! ✌Peace ✌

  • Neptun7777Bonus 5 years ago

    Why does the shadow of the player model always stay the same size?

  • Shrey Patel 5 years ago

    Is there any cities skylines today?

  • Eiji Goeser 5 years ago

    My Dad and my Stephmom maried there