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  • Dalton Reutlinger 6 years ago

    Great! Now lets see you drive them :)

  • azari9802 6 years ago

    Hey man great videos!

  • Kimberly Wall 6 years ago

    Love your designs..your work is amazing :)

  • SupahN00b15 6 years ago

    Can you make a tutorial about ships and other water vessels?

  • kaspars rutkovskis 6 years ago

    You arev whery smart boy

  • enzo casanova 6 years ago


  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks :-)

  • enzo casanova 6 years ago

    HO i love XD you f18 hornete plane

  • Patima Tantisoontornchai 6 years ago


  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Nice! Good luck and hope you guys have fun :-) thanks for the support!

  • minecrafterfan3000 6 years ago

    Me and my friends are making a server and with your builds its looking
    AWESOME 😀 (we are giving u credit , dont worry 😀 ) THANKS AND KEEP UP THE

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Will do mate, thanks!

  • Bradley Scott 6 years ago

    keep doing what u r doeing!!

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks for the support mate! English is just fine :-)

  • gavin liddell 6 years ago

    Jag you keep them coming because u always make the best video ever bro :)

  • minecraftbolsko 6 years ago

    I suscribe you. You are the best youtuber!!! I build your big ships…
    Thanks for the tutorials… And sry for my bad english, i come from germany

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks Gavin :-)

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Np, and will do :-)

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    lol, you mean one of those really big fuckers? I dunno, if I do it will be
    a ways down the road buddy

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks E :-) good luck on a happy Christmas :-)

  • E Lewis 6 years ago

    Grats on 12k jag, I’m hoping to get christmas money to make or buy a
    desktop lol

  • lego shipmaster 6 years ago

    Jag can u do tutorial on a mega dump truck?

  • Anthony Catalfamo 6 years ago

    Thanks man ill check it out keep up the good work your builds are awesome

  • Jagthunder1 6 years ago

    Thanks bro, appreciate it :-)

  • WorldatWar4life1 6 years ago

    Amazing tutorial Jag love the construction vehicles. just wondering if you
    had time can you make some emergency vehicles like a police car ambulance
    and fire truck. again great work as always