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  • Nate Payne 6 years ago

    Really cool 

  • MrSniffsniff21 6 years ago


  • MrSniffsniff21 6 years ago

    You are awesome

  • Sebastiaan Hulst 6 years ago

    Stormfrenzy you are just amazing! you have really nice builds and you can
    do some good redstone

  • Hessel Rijpstra 6 years ago

    Hey stormfrenzy keep up the good work and do you have ur own server already?

  • stormfrenzy 6 years ago

    What can I say … the years haven’t been kind to me :p.

  • wolfKINGx123 6 years ago

    Holy shet first time i subbed to you which was almost 1 year ago i thought
    you were a kid who was 11!

  • cheezybanna101films 6 years ago

    my cooked chicken keeps burning in lava

  • stormfrenzy 6 years ago

    They take 20 minutes to grow :).

  • Team Mine Time 6 years ago

    @stormfrenzy I’m making a video just like you. I got inspired by this
    awesome invention. Check it out

  • Arcapse 6 years ago

    Can you make other shop tutorials? Also great tutorial BTW :) Cheers –
    Arcapse 😀

  • Noah Pierson 6 years ago

    Dammit! It isn’t possible on the xbox version!

  • Team Mine Time 6 years ago

    Partner with me Storm? I work hard xD. Lol. so… Reply if you want to
    partner and make a video.

  • HANNIBAL KILLAH 6 years ago

    When are u gonna make new wooden house tot urial dude

  • filipinocheese 6 years ago

    my young chickens aren’t growing…

  • ChongJohn01 6 years ago

    Ur Aussie!!!

  • Xirkos the Master 6 years ago


  • Avalon 6 years ago

    Great tutorial & nice idea!! Well done 😀

  • ChongJohn01 6 years ago

    Me too!!!

  • lanzcline710 6 years ago

    Well I’m gonna be rich now.

  • lowie da bozz 6 years ago


  • Simon Bottini 6 years ago


  • 플 애 6 years ago

    Great for my server! Can i use it?

  • Emily Jade 6 years ago

    This is what blametc did…

  • stormfrenzy 6 years ago

    Of course!