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  • Will Daniels Lad 6 years ago

    You’re so good… but so fuckung bad man haha

  • Becky Hirst 6 years ago

    I don’t know if it’s stange to say this but you have a really nice voice.

  • Penguinluver64 6 years ago

    Please part 6 I want to download this

  • Owen Jones 6 years ago

    Part 6 please because yours is the best tutorial

  • Ross Mcilroy 6 years ago

    Do you upload the

  • Jacob Paddock 6 years ago

    part 6666666666666666666666666666666 pleassee your the only person with a
    great tutorial

  • Luca Ferrari 6 years ago

    i think we get the point. you could just time lapse or cut the parts where
    you”re adding more parts of wool or wood or anything, especially if its as
    simple as adding 4 more layers of wool. you’r not only wasting video time,
    but my time as well. Other than that i”m pretty stokes for the finished
    product. keep uploading videos!

  • Carzrock77 6 years ago

    sup bro.

  • Crowson Roosa 6 years ago

    Everyone like it

  • Julian Rawlins 6 years ago


  • Ross Mcilroy 6 years ago

    This daily

  • REDraven16 6 years ago

    like if your’e following the tutorial using minecraft pocket edition on
    your phone

  • Jacob Paddock 6 years ago