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  • Amir Amini 6 years ago

    Thus is highly inefficient for a melon farm, great original idea tho

  • Jonathan Rodgers 6 years ago

    If you read this, can you make a pig/cow/mooshroom farm? I need one for
    survival island server to get achievement.

  • Jonhson Jerermy 6 years ago

    that is a lot of materials

  • Michaels desighns 6 years ago

    can this be used as a pumpkin farm by replacing the melon seed with a
    pumpkin seed.

  • Voidable C 6 years ago

    It would be helpful if you explained how it worked, not just an assembly
    video. Thanks!

  • Marco Davis 6 years ago

    R u from NZ

  • YellowFlash 6 years ago

    Mr CrayFish ur Awesome with redstone I love ur vid and good job with the

  • MrSn3akr 6 years ago

    The one i made i think is less costly to make and is 100% lossless (or at
    least i’ve never noticed any not being picked up + it’s 100% extendable as
    far as you want, u can look it up at my channel if u want.. it’s 1.7.2 

  • Mazen Khalil 6 years ago

    When i do this the pistons stays on the ground it dosent retract HELP!

  • Syuhairy Ayie 6 years ago

    So..you are the creators of Construction mod..

  • GalaxyGirl 6 years ago

    Why are the melons not going in the chest they just stay in the hoppers!?
    :( :'(

  • Makkapakkarocks Miner 6 years ago

    so helpful

  • anya turner 6 years ago

    Build a car

  • undyingkillersharks 6 years ago

    Dude The only reason it isnt is because you put the hoppers wrong 😛

  • Chocolate628HD 6 years ago

    Will this work with pumpkins?

  • TimeDestroyer 6 years ago

    make sure the blocks the melons can grow on are dirt or grass and there is
    not a torch in the way or something like that. hope it works out for you

  • ShreddergamerGaming 6 years ago


  • Jordan Johnstone 6 years ago



    melons are not going in the chest

  • WCR Gaming 6 years ago

    Im building this underground, i put plenty of light, and melons arent

  • Reckless150681 6 years ago

    In theory could this work with pumpkins as they have similar mechanics?

  • SugarNerdz raymond 6 years ago


  • Doc Boff 6 years ago

    This is monkeyfarms design

  • nickeloadeon n 6 years ago

    can u make a 2 digit clock

  • TheRumbaRo 6 years ago

    the tutorials are great , subbed