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  • NeonNinja164 6 years ago

    I will be making this in my beastcraft skyblock world now, thank dude =D

  • Aedan Albert 6 years ago

    could you show how to make it so you could do like “1 Emerald=10 iron?

  • Juancarlos Gomez 6 years ago

    How about a sorting machine

  • Zhu Tommy 6 years ago


  • Vegard Houg 6 years ago

    Awesome Trading system. Can you make a XP farm video?

  • Alexander robbernsons 6 years ago

    it doesn’t even work

  • xiang qin 6 years ago

    Teach us how to make an XP farm that is simple?

  • Aaron Fadel 6 years ago

    I built a complex redstone pet shop and will make a vid and feel free to
    make it!

  • Isaiah Elmergreen 6 years ago

    I like how you actually name the items you need to make it

  • chris head 6 years ago

    It didn’t work for me at first. But then I discovered that the first hopper
    was going in to nothing. 

  • Joe Ackerley 6 years ago


  • Deon van Rensburg 6 years ago

    Build A Pet shop!!!

  • awkward_kek 6 years ago

    DarkAntler s is right, I can’t configure my currency cauz the chest
    swallows all my currency and beds! Im pretty annoyed ]:(

  • Huso Baylan 6 years ago


  • ChochomumoAJ 6 years ago

    guys! he missed something in the repeter thats faceing on the redstone
    torch the block that its faceing in put redstone on top it should work then

  • ThePandaBoss HD 6 years ago

    how do u put it on the dropper?

  • Mineexplorer 6 years ago

    Okay. ist work. but you can drop a dirt block and you will get a iron
    ingot. Make it little better

  • Dillo kid 6 years ago

    I am using for my fun land it is great

  • Preston Hill 6 years ago

    can u plz make a video on how to make an item elevator

  • MinecraftMude 6 years ago

    Dude you SAID “2 redstone comparators,” but the screen said 3 redstone

  • Christmas gamer 6 years ago

    +S Merriam I’m afraid that a coal generator isn’t possible.

  • Oin Nawk 6 years ago

    repleater? 2:14

  • Minecraftmaster0145 6 years ago

    What if you just put dirt in?

  • Dylan Kcin 6 years ago

    i hate it

  • Robin Kottukkal 6 years ago

    u is asowme man can u make a bigh shop for ME and send it with skype