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  • Tobias Smedstad Tønder Sundbakken 6 years ago

    How u make that s snake form in command block like a -> s ~ to that on pc
    like again how to make dis im on my iphone pls tell me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Josh Canepa 6 years ago

    How do u get a command block

  • Maddox N 6 years ago

    I can hardly hear you

  • randompeeps71 6 years ago

    how do u copy and paste in Minecraft ?

  • AstroGamerSteve 6 years ago

    I don’t always make a thing. But when I do, it will be compact. I may be
    able to make it 1 wide and, with a bit of thought, tileable too! I haven’t
    started on it yet, I have something… slightly larger to show off first 😉

  • MonkeyPlaysMinecraft 6 years ago

    can you make it compact too?

  • AstroGamerSteve 6 years ago

    Totally doable, I think I’ve already figured out how by thought! Didn’t
    think anyone would want it, because it’s expensive for pointless
    contraption, but I’ll have a go :)

  • Unernedbrute25 6 years ago

    make it more survival friendly

  • AstroGamerSteve 6 years ago

    Possibly, mac uses different buttons for the same things. I’ve always found
    that awkward and unnecessary. If you can’t even copy and paste text into
    the command block, then I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong. Sorry :/

  • Pop0n01 6 years ago

    Im sorry, but it does`nt work anyway! I usualy do ALT and ¨ But if I press
    SHIFT 3, then, a # comes up. Im on a mac by the way, does that matter?
    Great vid by the way!

  • AstroGamerSteve 6 years ago

    It’s always worked for me, holding shift as I press the #~ button, but if
    it doesn’t work, just copy and paste it into your command block. ~ It’s
    called a tilde BTW :)

  • Pop0n01 6 years ago

    How do you write this symbol ~ in Minecraft? I know how to do it, but in
    Minecraft it does`nt work :(

  • James Tisajokt 6 years ago

    For some reason /testfor won’t work for me in the 1.7 snapshots. =(

  • TheBen959 6 years ago

    that /give mhf head thing works with herobrine

  • drew dollarhide 6 years ago

    You are epic you deserve more subs

  • AstroGamerSteve 6 years ago

    Thank you :) It’s funny you say that, because my subs have been going up
    very quickly for such a small channel recently 😛

  • dailypickaxe 6 years ago

    Cool cool coool

  • Robert11699 6 years ago

    wow nice video! great commentary! i liked it, i’d also like to explore your
    channel some more and i might subscribe! 😀

  • pbilk1 6 years ago

    would that be testfor ~ ~3 or do you need to use the actual coordinates?

  • tuchapoltr 6 years ago

    Your profile pic looks like Duncan combined with a TF2 Heavy =O

  • ABRminecraft 6 years ago

    Nice and compact!

  • Robert Maines 6 years ago

    this is awesome but you probably wouldn’t use this unless your op or have
    creative mode on single player :/ but I still love this thx ;D

  • Jocolo 6 years ago

    *Ignore that* xD

  • STFUGameProductions 6 years ago

    I’m trying to do this on my server for a lava trap you think you could come
    on and help me out a little bit? the ip is:

  • AstroGamerSteve 6 years ago

    1.7 isn’t quite released yet, so you wouldn’t have it. However, 1.7 is the
    next stable version, and the first stable release where this device will
    work. To make this now, follow these steps: 1. Click ‘New Profile’ and name
    it 2. Click ‘Edit profile’ 3. “Enable experimental development versions
    (snapshots)” 4. Use version: snapshot 13w37a or higher 5. Save Profile