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  • Tiboy49 6 years ago

    Does the lava trap works with baby zombies ? ‘Cause I’ve found a spawner
    but the former xp factory no longer work with baby zombies –‘

  • Ourworld Skyler 6 years ago

    you need it to be slow

  • Elamor The Bucket 6 years ago

    Definitely using this

  • matej93 6 years ago

    Good date

  • Mestre Construtor MC 6 years ago

    Nice Vídeo! Thanks you!

  • slug237711 6 years ago

    Is it possible to do this with a zombie spawner instead of relying on the
    nighttime? If you put the spawner on the Testificate’s far side, then I
    think you’d still be within 16 blocks at the repeaters, so they’ll keep
    spawning over and over.

  • 123drewdrewdrew 6 years ago


  • MUTORIALS 6 years ago


  • mr penguins are so cool 6 years ago

    Joe you are my brother its Edward

  • CanineHybrid 6 years ago

    I can verify, the correct creator of this video is Verlisify. Hope the
    description gets fixed for you soon! Awesome vid ;p

  • dmtgub 6 years ago

    What’s the RIGHT commentators channel

  • Aeros Scraps 6 years ago

    to being fucked by a whore

  • D Currie 6 years ago

    Now THAT’S how you get homemade lag

  • Danial GansXD 6 years ago

    Its Seem Like A People Is Watching a concert

  • TheJudeMaster 6 years ago

    Most epic lag machine.

  • Tom Pikielny 6 years ago

    I prefer to smash the zombies with a piston 😀

  • FaceB 6 years ago

    It wouldn’t be a fix, there isn’t anything wrong with it, that is how they
    wanted the zombies to function

  • Skywardwolf937 6 years ago

    The link to the directors channel is wrong…

  • Joe Hopper 6 years ago


  • Toxic Atom 6 years ago

    Watch. In 1.7 they’re gonna fix zombie AI to take priority for players over

  • TheHappy13 6 years ago

    Thank you sooooo much, man!

  • MINECRAFTdotNET 6 years ago

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  • Chukensky 6 years ago

    Give this man a cookie

  • Back&4thVlogs 6 years ago


  • zlWhiteCraft 6 years ago

    Wrong Link to the Directors Channel o.o