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  • Ciaran DoesMC 6 years ago

    Thanks man u earned a sub

  • thecutch10 6 years ago

    does everyone right when you get have to update or is it just my stupid

  • GamerX 6 years ago

    thanks a lot man helped a ton!

  • MrStrengthhh 6 years ago

    I follow everything u did but nothing happenssssss

  • Fawnai~ 6 years ago

    It wont work with forge o: cause i want mods and optifine

  • Gabryel Trifan 6 years ago

    hey for me is error 

  • Rising Dracyan 6 years ago

    it created a new folder how am i gonna put forge??

  • Jr360games 6 years ago

    how do you run it with mods ?

  • hEhEyOuRiSeMo 6 years ago

    Can anyone help me when i try to install it it says “Minecraft 1.6.4 not
    found” help

  • MrNarutofusion 6 years ago

    for me it’s error >.<

  • DmenRaiding 6 years ago

    Simple, And to the point. Love it

  • Harrison Vaughan 6 years ago

    Thanks so much man :) + 2 Subs 😀

  • Parker Trussell 6 years ago

    That means you have not launched minecraft 1.6.4 yet off the new launcer on
    that pc.

  • Parker Trussell 6 years ago


  • drivers881 6 years ago

    am I just stupid? because I cant make it work for 1.7.2, I had optifine for
    minecraft 1.6.4, but I cant make it work now :(

  • HavardFB Skårsdal 6 years ago

    Yes, you need OptiFine to see the cape.

  • gogodylan DaZdoger 6 years ago

    plz someone tell me ! do you need the mod to see the cape cuz i donated 10$
    for the cape and i cant see it

  • Anthony Huang 6 years ago

    Thx man this helped me alot 😀

  • LOPO776 6 years ago

    Um it when im on the opti fine home page i press downloads then i click the
    first download one and it just brings me back to adfly but when i skip the
    ad it puts my right back to the opti fine hompepage…

  • HeyBecks 6 years ago


  • l0kidaf00l 6 years ago

    I also dont have the java logo on the optifine file whenever i download it.

  • l0kidaf00l 6 years ago

    Can you help please it wont auto update when i select open with java a
    small cmd window pops up for a split second then nothing happens, help

  • Dylan Sowers 6 years ago

    Uhhh, When i downloaded this file it was made into a file of Notepad. and i
    cant use java on anything for some reason

  • xxPaKeMoNxx 6 years ago

    ok whenever I I click skip add it just takes me to another fucking add I
    was skipping adds for an hour

  • matthew bruce 6 years ago

    whenever i chose my world it just freezes there what do i do?