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  • Elliot Longworth 6 years ago

    Well no ur not a utuber ur a rapist

  • Crixyn. 360 minecraft 6 years ago

    +BigGirl I’m friends with stampylongnose on the xbox I’m a YouTuber

  • Aarif Jeevanjee 6 years ago

    Best house ever love it your the best

  • Nimriely Centeno 6 years ago

    Seed ???

  • FLAMIN FALCON 6 years ago

    We’ll someone is a bi of an asshole in the comments

  • shan michael 6 years ago

    is that a casle on the background?nice tutorial.

  • Raina Noble 6 years ago

    I like you’re tutorials they are Nice and slow so we can see what you are

  • Nimriely Centeno 6 years ago

    Can someone tell me the seed ???

  • djspider888 6 years ago

    I’m building it now

  • Cool Cherisse 6 years ago

    to much snow 

  • Rhagen Courreges 6 years ago

    takes forever to build.!

  • Leonel Jr Guzman 6 years ago

    You speak so slow

  • Gary Twigg 6 years ago

    I always use this house in my survival worlds Minecraft: Wooden Starter
    House Tutorial 

  • Big Girl Mine 6 years ago

    you have the same skin as stampylongnose

  • Logisticspace9 6 years ago

    Best house ever! Good job

  • cameron monks 6 years ago

    How do u get that skin

  • cameron monks 6 years ago

    This house will

  • Georgia Marshall 6 years ago

    Are you the gaming lemon?

  • Rada Cow 6 years ago

    Cool house.. : )

  • Christopher Martin 6 years ago

    yes I agree minecraftbuilder92 the best same with dan lags

  • francisco ramirez 6 years ago

    very nice house

  • Brady Irvin 6 years ago

    Comment the link for the second part of this build please u have the same
    videos namec the same thing and im really confused!

  • Jarren Alejo 6 years ago

    Plz build faster but great tut

  • Jaimy Van driel 6 years ago

    when comes part 2 of this building?

  • byThreadz 6 years ago

    build to slow im out go check out minecraftbuilder92 better