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  • OverlookeDEnT 5 years ago
  • Scifiguy's Minecraft 5 years ago

    Oooo very handy little trick!! Awesome video OverlookeDEnT !! Excellent job
    as always! :D

  • Majd Bishara 5 years ago

    for my automatic sorting system with the automatic iron foundry this won’t
    work because this is manual but is good but if you have something like me
    and you want the items traveling automatically then use the piston that
    fires items throw block :)

  • King Leviticus 5 years ago

    Very cool concept! Pity i usually play alone :/

  • Joseph Peek 5 years ago

    Hey man I love your tutorials. All of my pc technical builds are from your
    tutorials. Question? Does your iron golem farm still work for minecraft
    1.8.3 on the pc? Thanks much for your time and dedication. Eric…

  • xiPhoneHacksx 5 years ago


  • VampireAssassin 5 years ago


  • xiPhoneHacksx 5 years ago