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  • astalt 5 years ago

    Fed X Gaming, the song is “I’m a little Tea Pot”. Nicely done though.

  • Fed X Gaming 5 years ago
  • xtremenukedude23 5 years ago

    that’s a beautiful thumbnail.

  • icyfire77 5 years ago

    A little uneven but good

  • Cowwie 5 years ago

    How does someone even think of making this in note blocks?xd

  • cj tube 5 years ago

    Do don’t mine at night by bebopvox parody of Katy Perry’s last Friday night

  • Duangchan Thompson 5 years ago


  • Dream Dragon 5 years ago

    Can you do the little einstiens theme song

  • BreakingScreamz 5 years ago

    The fast part in the note blocks go a little too fast, for example it
    should be 6 notes instead of like 12 or something….

  • Mîister Gaming#WAWC 5 years ago

    Note block highschool DxD sympathi please

  • Michael Benedict 5 years ago

    I’m so making this! Best thing I’ve seen in awhile!

  • Element Dubstep 5 years ago

    PLZ DO See You Again by Wiz Khalifa

  • Foxy The Pirate Fox 5 years ago

    Can you make the ssb4 theme?

  • Hunter Taylor 5 years ago

    Fed X make the mystery box music when you open your mystery box :p

  • Bat George 5 years ago

    Under 301 club woop woop time to turn up lol

  • kFlink 5 years ago

    Dat thumbnail doe

  • CreeperNinja7212 5 years ago

    Can u do So Ist Es Immer, it is used in attack on titan ova no regrets

  • Dennis Smalley 5 years ago

    I watch your videos all the time your like a redstone teacher to me. I have
    a challenge for you can you please make a high security room that has
    passcodes,locks, and secret piston doors that unlock with a key but if you
    are up to the challenge please make your redstone build that you made
    called the secret piston door inside a room. I like that video because you
    had your trapped chest that had the tnt trap you built that blowed you in
    the air. Sky rocket style and you built a secret piston door that you could
    walk in regularly or stand in the middle and get pushed in your secret room
    but the cool thing is nobody will notice because it looks like a regular
    piston door that you walk through but its not. Please please build the high
    security room with locks passcodes and secret piston doors 

  • Gaming Thebest 5 years ago

    Fedex, no offense but you sound like a robot when you do your note block
    stuff. Can you add a bit more “life” in these tutorials?

  • Ben Sunagel 5 years ago

    Can u do the zora domain and goron village as a tutorial please 

  • REPz Kiwi 5 years ago

    regular show note block plz that would make my day

  • Marvin Mojica 5 years ago

    Please make a automatic washing machine Fed x gaming

  • Aleksandar Jakovljevic 5 years ago

    Make a tutorial about the Banjo Kazooie theme :D

  • LukeDoesGaming 5 years ago

    Get well soon Fed X!

  • Captain Sharp 5 years ago