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  • llianee 5 years ago

    Dude, your tutorials are BOSS. Can you make a tutorial (just like this one)
    for the spacious dwelling video? I think lots of people wanted a tutorial
    for that build, and we would very much appreciate it if you showed us how
    to build it! :3

  • Fire Hill56 5 years ago

    It’s a cool little house… but can i just say… you sound an awful lot
    like salad fingers XD

  • Danish Raimie 5 years ago

    Hey flashcode, I really like your vids. Where are you from?

  • stevie yanuza 5 years ago

    This guy has one of the most phenomenal Type of guide video ever,He deserve

  • the oncoming storm 5 years ago

    nice design, but it’s ineffective for survival and your use of materials
    can be more efficient. especially for the floor, ceiling and roof. after
    my suggestions, i have the link to a 5 image gallery as a visual

    the roof creates too many spawning pads and unless you intend to add a
    fence or wall around the house with a gate or two, prepare for creeper and
    skelly surprise when you walk out your door. speaking of doors, there’s no
    emergency exit. horrible idea to only have one way in or out. the eves
    also provide great shelter for mobs when the sun rises. there should be a
    fence in that part that is 1 m from the house, then filled in with
    shrubbery or lit with a torch so nothing spawns inside them.

    you can replace the 1st layer of planks under the front wall with dirt
    (except for where the door sits) since it will be hidden by both the second
    layer, the side walls, the floor and porch. no sense in using a more
    difficult to obtain material when dirt will suffice as fill.

    the floor and ceiling should be made of top slabs to reduce your plank
    consumption by half and for the roof, if you use stairs for the eves, then
    bottom slabs on top of the walls, then stairs, bottom slabs above them,
    stairs and bottom slabs for the top layer, then fill the gables in with
    planks, you can create a 2 x 6 x 8 meter room in the centre that can be
    used for storage. plus no spawning and no need for torches.

  • Mustafa Mohamed 5 years ago


  • Boogy Player 5 years ago

    Illuminati in the Video! I found it! Does I win a price?

  • PowerCraft by MutatedRedstone 5 years ago


  • ZombieSlayer4x X 5 years ago

    Guys, pause at the right time at 2:39. You’ll see a surprise.

  • The Harrison Network 5 years ago

    Hey Flashcode could you make a video tutorial on how to make the Spacious
    Dwelling from episode 5?

  • Masre Super 5 years ago

    I like this style of tutorial

  • rolo951 . 5 years ago

    Who are you, and why and when did I subscribe? Haha

  • LavaFlamez 5 years ago

    Really nice vid, man! :)

  • TheMegaXandy 5 years ago

    Illuminatis everywhere!

  • skittle05 5 years ago

    dude plz answer i just wanna know: what country do u come from?

  • a0ag2 5 years ago

    ممحون انت تكلم زين زي الرجاجيل

  • Musashi Kaneko 5 years ago

    Xxx_no_gaps_xxX ileuminarti CUMFORMED 

  • Emiko Arakawa 5 years ago

    Nice simple house, but this is so hard to make the vid.

  • Torrleite 5 years ago

    Make a 3D texture pack PLZZZZZZZZ I need this grass :P

  • Rachel Bajak 5 years ago

    Why the illuminati symbol XD

  • nicolelynnnxo 5 years ago

    Great video

  • theORCSrulez 5 years ago

    Спасибо очень круто!!

  • colhic 5 years ago

    Great idea …. it’s a different take on the usual tutorial 😀
    Keep up the great work man, and thanks for sharing.

  • Donovan Tull 5 years ago

    Uh, what’s that next to the lower left corner of the house at 2:39???

  • Joao Bolinhos 5 years ago

    you are the best dude 😀 continuos plss