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  • Jomarie Don Pastera 6 years ago

    My onnly problem is how to move and make frames :3

  • MrHarithilmi 6 years ago

    Can you teach how to make thing that does’nt exist in minecraft (like
    glass,chair,money etc

  • ShockGaming11 6 years ago

    Can you please make part 3 about moving the character and doing basic
    cycles? (Eg: Walking, Running, Waving, etc) Thank you, it would be much

  • SmithyGamingX 6 years ago

    2:40 its called invert

  • SuperProMCGamer 6 years ago

    Could you show us how to make a skins move in the animation on cinema 4d
    please and how to make the character talk

  • afrodude 6 years ago

    can you make a tutorial for making an animation or youtube intro?

  • Kevy Bevy 6 years ago

    +TechMCGaming You just make more space between each keyframe and make your
    video longer.

  • du procom 6 years ago

    please show me how to save and make it into a movie. 

  • SaveLP123 6 years ago

    Where are Part 3?

  • NationOfEpicGaming 6 years ago

    next episode do the player moving in the world

  • Kevy Bevy 6 years ago

    And 30 FPS is what YouTube always changes your video to in processing. So
    save it a step and a little bit of upload time!

  • MinePlayer 6 years ago

    Thank you and somebody just earned a sub

  • hülya çilingiroğlu 6 years ago

    These two tutorials are really great and easy to understand thanks to your
    nice explanations. Please continue making awesome tutorials

  • MrHackskills 6 years ago

    hey please help me, why doesnt anything happen when I play after making
    everything rigid?

  • GalacticUberNova 6 years ago


  • TechMCGaming 6 years ago

    How do you move the camera slower (sorry if its a stupid question)

  • EvyBoysChannel 6 years ago

    How do you add mobs and characters?

  • Jomarie Don Pastera 6 years ago

    Sushix my texture is blurred can you send me a texture pack of yours?

  • Schmidty763studios 6 years ago

    Can you show us how to add mobs?

  • BoltTV 6 years ago

    More tutorials pls

  • Zendalen Mist 6 years ago

    What is your rig called and is it free

  • iJaMZzHD 6 years ago

    When I render mine it still looks blurry, and I have untucked specular

  • Zach Ward 6 years ago

    Please do a full tutorial for a mini-project please! Like your intro or
    something. :)

  • VagueVids 6 years ago

    Hey sushix, this tutorial is REALLY helpful!!!!! So I was wondering if you
    can make another tutorial on walk cycles and character emotions.

  • rey00717 6 years ago

    Hi can you do a tutorial to how to do your intro plz and great vid !