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  • SageModeCupcake 6 years ago

    Surprisingly using your in game settings, RudoPlays shaders instead of
    runnning at 10fps, it now runs at 50fps or even more, it doesn’t go lower
    than 45, so i’m impressed, thank you very much dude, u might have just
    saved me as i really like Rudo’s shaders.

  • DeathStalker 6 years ago

    Fix : open shaderpack folder, then open the file named “composite.vsh” with
    notepad++. Then go to line 47 an change the number “2.0” to “3.0” !!!
    It works on evry new SEUS shaderpack.

  • Will M 6 years ago

    Maybe it’s too late, but you can fix the bug on the SEUS pack (the one make
    all your screen blank) like that:
    Open the archive SEUS v10.0 Motion Blur (or Standard, Light etc) with WinRAR
    Go to the folder Shaders
    Open the file named “composite.vsh” with a notepad editor (like Notepad++)
    Go to the line 47
    And change the value in the line “float timePow = 2.0f”
    Juste replace the “2”, by a “3”, like that: “float timePow = 3.0f”
    Save the file, and clode the archive.
    Enjoy! ;)

  • adriank1223 6 years ago

    The first shader you used, bump shader will work with bump layered texture
    packs, which adds a cool 3d trick to textures. This is why it does a 30fps
    hit to performance, you need to get those converted texture packs with bump
    layer added to see the effect though, otherwise it is just a performance
    hit all for little effect.

  • R3dGhost21 6 years ago

    with the bump shadow waving shader i have 55-60 fps

  • Shadowjak101 6 years ago

    If only we could play with shaders on at like 40+ fps :/

  • MinecrafterIreland 6 years ago

    whats your graphics card

  • Ender McFitz 6 years ago

    My friend had same prob with Seus it was for him because he needed the GSLS
    shader core instead of the one he had

  • Jac P 6 years ago

    Awesome tutorial, very helpful! Subscribed. 😀

  • Muntintin27 6 years ago

    I recently my own shaderpack I have a link on my channel. If you could
    review it that would be awesome!

  • WillThGreat 6 years ago

    In the About tab on my channel.

  • Casey Griffin 6 years ago

    I have a good computer and when I got to sues i get black! Help !

  • Daffa Temiyah 6 years ago

    Can you help me out fixing seus standard?

  • WillThGreat 6 years ago

    I’ll upload a tutorial today :)

  • TestSubject1342 6 years ago

    Please tell me how to fix the SEUS shaders. I want those so much, but they
    wont work. :c

  • MrMeep27 6 years ago

    Oh and bloom is… If you enable it the blocks are kinda glowing. Set it to
    20 (Just for fun) and you will it’s extremely bright.

  • NeogamingLP 6 years ago

    thank you

  • SuporeMaster - Ze purry kitten 6 years ago

    You can fix the purple stuff and the Invalid Program Compostie by
    downgrading to the latest WHQL drivers (320.49, I believe) and no the beta
    ones. They bug up a lot.

  • Matt Preston 6 years ago

    what are your computer specs?

  • MrMeep27 6 years ago

    Strange, the godrays are not wroking for you, damn.

  • RichachuGaming 6 years ago

    I’ve only ever used Sonic Ether’s shaders, so I found this video very
    informative in comparing the other choices. Thanks, and keep up the fine