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  • calvin22012000 6 years ago

    I dont see any difference with the bump-shadow-waving pack, its just like
    default… HELP

  • Ryan Gatts 6 years ago

    RenderResMult modifies the resolution at which the game is rendered (1
    being 100%). Hand depth is useful if you’re using depth of field shaders
    and don’t want your hand to be blurry.

  • TheGameInFame Mc 6 years ago

    could u put pls ur pc specs thanks 😀

  • crafterbro 6 years ago

    hi cna you help my i got shaders and by you i can run them whti les lagg
    thansk but my problem is i don’t get the moving shaders i mean the dinamic
    shaders where it is really about :( and i don’t knwo why its just the licht
    change an dwhtie the seus the trees and grass moves pzl help i want the
    moving shaders :(

  • Lolisher567 6 years ago

    I find this unnecessary because there is now Optifine compatibility, but
    it’s still worth a try for those people who want their shaders MAXED on
    high fps 😉

  • Lolisher567 6 years ago

    Yeah, but now it’s v2.0.1 beta 18 :)

  • Bug Craft 6 years ago

    sure?????? wow!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • GamerLorDZ9 6 years ago

    Dude…I love you! How do you not get seen dude! These videos are way
    better than most popular youtubers! you really need more subsyou DESERVE
    more subs! Keep it up. Also I think I am your biggest fan!

  • Lolisher567 6 years ago

    Shaders mod beta 12 is out with Optifine compatibility

  • ByteMeChannel 6 years ago

    I found the tut quite usefull, won a like friend!

  • dizziple 6 years ago

    The render ResMul value has massive effects on performance.