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  • iamcrazed88 7 years ago

    Hey @avidyazen I’ve just made one of these in 1.4.5 using a lever and every time I close the trap using the pistons and press the crush button the game crashes with an error log on my desktop. I can go back in and get the machine to work (thanks btw!) but it only seems to work a few times and then it’ll crash? the game. Any thoughts? I’d appreciate, thanks!

  • TeeCaTisBack 7 years ago

    Thank you? avidiya this is really helping me out! Your the best!!!!!

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    Nah being a content creator you get crucified if you say something others don’t understand so I? am covering all my bases 😛

  • TheUppish 7 years ago

    I was just saying not complaining? or correcting.

  • Zack4Mac 7 years ago

    So? long story short. You couldve used a lever

  • switch1979 7 years ago

    you.? are. awesome.

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago


  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    Thanks 😛 I am loving the bow and my arrows which was the? reason for building it. I added the XP farm part later as an upgrade since I had the resources.

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    LOL :P?

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    The redstone isn’t really all the difficult. It is only 2 circuits which are compact. The challenge is? making it all fit in the wall 😛

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    They just stop the skellies from falling into the drop chamber so all? of them are one hit after the crusher does its thing :)

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    Not at all. Anything and everything I create is for sharing. That? is the point for me. Good luck and thanks! ?

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    I merely made this tutorial to showcase what I did… not claiming it was the only solution or? the best but really to address the questions people would have after watching my LP. I am working on a more diverse tutorial as a follow up since this one rubbed some the wrong way and to develop my skills further 😛

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    I am revising this tutorial but I find this pretty straight? forward. What is the issue?

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    I am not certain actually. I think I picked it up learning redstone from others on an SMP server but I used it in EP92 or so as well. I went through a 1 wide circuit phase hehe :P?

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    Zombies have an armor rating so it? will be different. I will update this tutorial with specifics and more options.

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    haha thanks. I was completely unaware of that world until someone posted? one of my videos on r/ASMR. I have a few whispers I am addicted to now 😛 I actually am throwing around the idea of doing an even more chilled out LP of a game that lends to the idea for all the ASMR peeps out there 😛

  • AvidyaZen 7 years ago

    Thanks.. I am actually updating it and going all crazy with? it. So expect a newbie friendly tutorial soon 😛

  • Kyle Adams 7 years ago

    I made? one, amazing!!!!!!

  • TwicePanda 7 years ago

    Is? this a reference that I don’t get? The way I see it, you don’t know how to use the words you’re using, but forgive me if I am mistaken.

    triumvirate: a group of three men holding power
    nebulous: (of a concept or idea) unclear, vague, or ill-defined

    What am I missing that makes this make any sense?

  • TheMaster9657 7 years ago

    Idk some people don’t like to see a lever in the? down position all the time

  • Marcushbk 7 years ago

    As I find XP farms useless now due to the Mineral xp mining system. I would not make it but I would if I needed a Bow/arrow/bone? farm. Nice work Avidya

  • ironwestie 7 years ago

    I tried this on a hardcore server and forgot to get rid of a blocking block right underneath them…do not ever break those two blocks underneath them. Ever.?

  • Travis Mize 7 years ago

    I was? thinking about doing this until i saw the redstone

  • patotes95 7 years ago

    Avidya, i have a question, at 5:12 do those pistons that you have there act as the crushers or the flood? gates also?