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  • Splime Studios 5 years ago

    If this helped you out in any way and you make an intro, I’d be glad to see
    what you do with it. Credit is appreciated, but not required. ;)

  • Splime Studios 5 years ago

    Here’s the tutorial that you’ve all been requesting over Twitter! Hope you
    enjoy! :)

  • Quavel 5 years ago

    You act way to professional… Hey guys it’s Splime here and welcome back
    to the Studio sounds so cheesy..

  • Chuck Muckles 5 years ago

    Does this work in Blender?

  • NCHskyline 5 years ago

    Yeah! Good Job and congrats, I hope you’ll grow more and more on your
    channel! Anyways thx for the tutorial, now I hope I’ll get better! Thx <3

  • Aninex | Motion Designer 5 years ago

    Grats on 2K! Also, thanks for the helpful tutorial! :D

  • You you do another tutorial you should do a run cycle or jump cycle. More
    people will probably want a run cycle but i think a jump tutorial would be
    cool ;D

  • Android PvP | MCSG & GFX! 5 years ago

    Very helpful! Thanks :D

  • Retrive // Free Intros 5 years ago

    That helped a LOT! Thank you <3

  • Minecraftfan721 5 years ago

    Your voice was so calming, I think I had a orgasm.

  • Jeremy G - JmGreifer. 5 years ago


  • AlphaDesignz 5 years ago

    That helped me out thanks alot

  • TJFX - Free Intros 5 years ago

    Woop woop.

  • StreetArtsᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰ 5 years ago

    and which c4d r16 studio?

  • DragonNerf Mc & More! 5 years ago

    +Splime Studios Finaly thx alot

  • Novascular 5 years ago


  • XeckoGames Motion Design 5 years ago

    You should do a run cycle btw can you look at my omnissus contest entry :)

  • HexLT Gaming 5 years ago

    well voice not like i was thinking but REALY HELPED

  • StreetArtsᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰ 5 years ago

    which rig do you use?

  • FearFX 5 years ago

    Amazing. Maybe do another tut on RUN Cycle? Thanks SO much Anyway Though +Splime

  • Joner 5 years ago

    can you create Joner thanks

  • JoseM ™ Graphic designer 5 years ago

    Thanks Splime ;)

  • Jmanbeatsgames | JmanFX 5 years ago

    U SUK

    jk :)