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  • Orepros 1 year ago

    Thanks for watching! 😀
    Remember to leave a like if you want, can we reach 5000? :O
    Also, consider following us on Facebook and Twitter :)

  • x Hemza 1 year ago

    Fun Fact: Gold tools breaks blocks faster than diamond tools !

  • Orepros 1 year ago

    New video!! Why Gold Tools Break Quickly!
    Hope you’ll enjoy! :D

  • Bryan lubbers 1 year ago

    Gold is the best item if you have unbreaking on it!

  • Payton Haven 1 year ago

    Why don’t torches light up the room when you hold them?

  • Alduin 1 year ago

    wow looks interesting!
    *clicks video*
    dafuq this is boring as hell -.- just good titles and thumbnails but bad
    videos was boring and unfunny

  • alex pencek 1 year ago

    Are people really this dumb to post a video of this, the reason why they
    break easily is because in real life gold is a very light metal and can
    break easily

  • Lps Silly 1 year ago

    If Ghast didn’t shoot firballs

  • Griffin Mackenzie 1 year ago

    wait a minute.. gold is one of the most dense metals so I dont see how it
    can be weak…

  • Wayne Kerr 1 year ago

    What the fuck is the point of these videos? There’s no voice acting, no one
    gives a shit about the story and the body actions in Minecraft are absolute
    shit. Why don’t you people watching this watch something good like Red vs
    Blue or Halo Machinimas where people actually put time and effort into a
    Machinima that’s an actual Machinima unlike these videos, which are for

  • Nicolas Cote 1 year ago

    If Steve was a cat

  • Brandon Chan 1 year ago

    Actually, Isn’t it easy to break because gold is really easy to bend?
    *Random guys barges in and punches me*

  • Jelerous | PvP & MCSG 1 year ago

    If notch removed skins.

  • Nick Jacob 1 year ago

    why dont spiders attack in the day time?

  • Frazer227 The F.N.A.F YouTuber 1 year ago

    Why money doesn’t exist in minecraft

  • eva lithopoulou 1 year ago

    If you couldnt respawn

  • JATC1 1 year ago

    If notch was a baby.

  • adrian murillo 1 year ago

    actually the density of gold is 19.3 g/cm 3 squared and iron is 7.874 g/cm
    3 squared

  • Gellah Benjamin Kalala 1 year ago

    Why wool tools don’t exist in minecraft

  • TheShadow Gamer06 1 year ago

    what texture pack is that?????? i want to get it

  • Mario Bucao 1 year ago

    Why do helet break so fast even chestplate

  • Cristian Ionut 1 year ago

    The gold armor looks pretty nice and shiny, but the tools and weapons are

  • Anish Singh 1 year ago

    Why super man dose not exist

  • David Pinsky 1 year ago

    gold is good for the nether reactor core

  • ShazamsEye 1 year ago

    Could anybody give a small channel a chance?