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  • dan wilson 6 years ago

    Im a 12 year old and im not retarded like that kid

  • sparkybun 6 years ago

    i agree i would make that little one because theres no point taking the
    time to make a big one that only goes a little bit thurther also could you
    look up minecraft inventions how to make TNT Trap please and thank you if
    you do.

  • moody miner 6 years ago

    Don’t op a 12 year old! Good thing I’m 8!

  • Garrett Warman 6 years ago

    What texture pack is that?

  • dan wilson 6 years ago

    That kid is an asshole never op kids like that

  • CookieJohnsen 6 years ago

    Lol Never OP a 12 year old =D

  • samuria man 6 years ago

    no its not i agree in full

  • GameMaster10K 6 years ago

    D:< thats rude saying (never op a 12 year old) im 12

  • Kurtis Cook 6 years ago

    Never op a 12 year old… Thank god I’m 13 XD

  • Joe Sutherland 6 years ago

    I’m ten and I’m an awesome op

  • IathMah 6 years ago

    Nice video, but looking at it, I can see a LOT of stuff that could have
    been much smaller and less resource intensive, but nice ideas, and hey, if
    it aint broke…

  • Garrett Warman 6 years ago

    the tnt cannon looks like a spinal cord

  • rayaan kabir 6 years ago

    If i build a castle in minecraft il make 30 hyper cannons 

  • Ryan Bawzz 6 years ago


  • SquiibLoad 6 years ago

    wasn’t my dog lawl

  • jimhennigs 6 years ago

    Next tine keep that screeching dog or whatever out of the room when you
    record. Very annoying and stopped watching because of it

  • Liam Roche 6 years ago

    Yay im 12 too!

  • BramMalleJan PoepInJeKont 6 years ago

    You should make the dispensers drop at the same time, that’ll make a high
    pressure explode whit only 1 boom.

  • kyle lozinski 6 years ago

    Lol I’m proud to be 12 now

  • Hacksourc 6 years ago

    Youranus I mean

  • Hacksourc 6 years ago

    I thought the other guys name was yours us l

  • Jesse-james bovenkerk 6 years ago

    jealous kid down below

  • Hemn45doesmc 6 years ago

    Easy sub. You guys are amazing masters of redstone. 4.5 stars granted to u

  • Avi Rosenblum 6 years ago

    No problem, I’m happy to help. Overall, it is quite a nice design though.

  • SquiibLoad 6 years ago

    yeah that’s what i figured, thanks for the comment