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  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago

    För att min laptop är skit och den funkar bättre om man stänger av alla
    tjusiga toningar och sånt 😉

  • mackedack 6 years ago

    Varför vill du att Window 7 ska se ut som xp?

  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago

    Good, wouldn’t want to have a heterosexual voice, that would quite frankly
    be a bit nasty,

  • Zackaria Afshar 6 years ago

    Du är svnesk jag vet det!

  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago

    Guys, this does work, but many get it wrong as it seems people do small
    mistake they miss. However, if peopl took care to read the video
    descirption, it would help you. So check the video description if it
    doesn’t work for you!

  • Wendy Adamson 6 years ago

    this is complicated but im a total noob anyways (sigh)

  • Sinister Shard 6 years ago

    I think it doesnt work in 1.6.4, Since they switched the blocks and items
    to PNG files, where they used to be just one big thing that was easy to
    edit /:

  • Don't Dis Spencer 6 years ago

    I’m not sure if it works for 1.6.4 because I tried several times :(

  • ProBRO PLAyit 6 years ago

    This did not work on my computer but i’m going to try it on my other

  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago

    Haven’t tried, I would guess it does matter however since everything else
    is case sensitive and won’t work if you have the wrong case.

  • Walkthoughwalls 6 years ago

    Do caps matter on folder naming?

  • ChimpTheApe 6 years ago

    Du är svensk ju! : )

  • Adam Clarke 6 years ago

    Just made a tutorial video called ‘101 ideas for MInecraft learners –
    Poetry Island” that uses a custom resource pack – I have referred people to
    this tutorial… :-)

  • Peace is for All 6 years ago

    Ok thanks! 😀

  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago

    No, you don’t need to redo your folder structure whenever Minecraft
    updates, and to change the textures, you only change the desired textures.

  • Peace is for All 6 years ago

    So whenever you update minecraft to a new version you take the new textures
    from the latest version in “versions” folder and add that to your resource
    pack? Also, if you ONLY want to change the textures, you copy all the
    textures files and change them so that your resource pack is only textures
    files, and it will work? Thanks SO very much for this video!!!

  • Rangattack 6 years ago

    Thank You So Much :) :)

  • Daniel Swärd 6 years ago

    Then rewatch the video it’s in it.

  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago

    Enable file extension in windows or read the description and download my

  • Rangattack 6 years ago

    Please Help My pack.mcmeta is Still a Text doc and it is not working Please

  • lewis nicholson 6 years ago

    thank you so much :), i followed your steps and changed the textures , now
    because of you i know how to make a resource pack

  • Adam Clarke 6 years ago

    its in the .jar file… see 2:48

  • Adam Clarke 6 years ago

    great tutorial – so many thanks :-)

  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago


  • QuiteFranklyFrank 6 years ago