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  • JackFrostMiner 5 years ago
  • King The Blaziken 5 years ago

    Font in thumbnail?

  • The Legend 5 years ago

    Sir Jack can I ask what video editor do you use?

  • T-star Watson 5 years ago

    how do you download it?

  • Lukas Schalk 5 years ago

    Cool video!! Maybe you can show more HD texture packs like Sphax or
    faithful =)

  • mastergamer567 5 years ago

    Hey jack do the fnaf 3 mod please

  • The Legend 5 years ago

    Sir Jack can I ask what video editor do you use?

  • Aaditya KC 5 years ago


  • CoolDudePlayz 5 years ago

    What is intro song?

  • Fadhil Adnin 5 years ago

    I think a pvp texture pack would be nice!

  • lu baidong 5 years ago

    jackfrostminer?who won the MCPE block hunt server ranks giveaway?

  • will boustead 5 years ago

    Anyone know when 0.11.0 is coming out?¿

  • Carlos Neelis 5 years ago

    Can you download texture pack with out a jailbroken device?

  • Dara Murphy 5 years ago


  • Coolguy Hernandez 5 years ago

    How do you play the minecraft music?

  • TheBuzzyDevil 5 years ago

    You Should Download DandelionTP In Lydia

  • Duci Doan 5 years ago

    Which screen recorder do you use

  • Ivan Sanchez 5 years ago

    Under 300 club

  • paula zhuang 5 years ago

    In the beginning of the video, who else saw that zombie?????? I was like NO
    NO NO DON’T SUICIDE YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT (or possibly just do it….you’re
    a zombie)

  • Jesus Rey 5 years ago

    Everyone join my mcpe server

    My server ip port 19132

  • cock sucker the third 5 years ago

    Review plastic texture pack. I use that on Block launcher. A really good
    texture pack

  • Refugio Rg 5 years ago

    Jack why don’t you upload 2 times a day when you make a short vidio plz (:

  • Lewis Condry 5 years ago

    Review the plastic texture pack?

  • Tamniche - Minecraft Pocket Edition 5 years ago

    I created this first and i called it Smeeth! nooooooooo